Bookings Open for The All New Sony Xperia ‘X’ Factor Breed of Smartphones

Bookings Open for The All New Sony Xperia ‘X’ Factor Breed of Smartphones

Bookings Open for The All New Sony Xperia ‘X’ Factor Breed of Smartphones

by May 25, 2016

In February 2016, the Mobile World Congress, arguably one of the biggest and the most popular technology events in the world, saw the who’s who of the technological world attending the event. The annual tech fest is known to give the global customers a sneak-peak into the new and upcoming gadgets. This year, the event was no different as it saw the technological conglomerates in their bid to prove their technological prowess announce a slew of new launches.

One of the new announcements that caught the attention of the global customers came from Sony, where it announced the launch of its two new flagship mobiles, Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia XA. The company recently announced its pre-bookings. The bookings opened to the public on Friday and if you are looking to get your hands on this wonderful and much-awaited device, you can book on the official Sony website. Sony revealed a lot of the features and the specs of the phone at the launch. Here is a quick recap of the same.

Sony Xperia X

The first looks would suggest that both the devices look similar and have similar specs but on a closer look you would know that the Xperia X features a 5” full HD TRILUMINOS screen, which ensures that you get an enhanced browsing and video watching experience. In terms of hardware, the Sony Xperia boasts of a Snapdragon 650 processor, which is supported by 3 GB RAM. The amazing combination results in giving the users a multitasking experience that is smoother than running a knife over butter.

Well, that is not all, the device runs on the latest Android Marshmallow. The highlight of the phone though is its brilliant 23MP rear camera with Pulse LED flash features that lets you click the most astonishing pictures with supreme clarity. As the Sony Xperia X registrations are underway, you can book either of the two variants in the colour of your choice. The 32 GB variant will be available in Graphite Black and White Colours. Whereas, the 64 GB model will be shipped in Rose Gold and Lime Gold colours.

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Sony Xperia XA

Just like the Sony Xperia X, the XA model too sports a 5 inch HD screen. The handy device can be used with a single hand and can cosily fit in your pockets. As compared to its close associated, this device has only 2GB RAM and it is powered by the MediaTek Helio P10 processor. Adding glam and powerful performance to its credit is the Android Marshmallow. The super awesome interface provides a delightful multitasking and a general user experience.

Since the XA model is the trimmed down version of the Xperia X model, it features a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front shooter with low-light photography features that let you click stunning quality picture even in bad light condition. The smaller camera is aptly compensated by the enhanced audio technological features like X-loud, Stereo, Bas, Clear Audio + and dynamic normalizer.

One of the common things about both the devices though is their 2300mAh battery, which is supposed to provide backup for up to 2 days. So get ready to never run out of battery while you are watching your favourite video or playing games or browsing non-stop all day long.

Last but not the least; you may be thinking how are these models priced? Well, Sony has been keeping its lips sealed tight about the prices of models, but, we can tell you be prepared to loosen your wallet strings as the prices of these phones are expected to be on the higher side considering the prices of Sony’s previous launches.

How to register

Excited already to grab this device? Go to Sony’s official website right away and register. As a part of the registration process, you need to furnish your contact details including your name and e-mail address. Agree to their privacy policy and activate your messaging feature to get regular notifications from Sony about the pricing and the delivery.

Go ahead, book your device! It’s a worth wait, isn’t it?