Six Most Affordable Smartwatches To Stay Fit And Updated

Six Most Affordable Smartwatches To Stay Fit And Updated

Six Most Affordable Smartwatches To Stay Fit And Updated

by November 18, 2016

Smartwatches under Rs.10000

What started as a thing for the runners and fitness freaks has now become a part of our daily lives. Smartwatches are the new must-have gadget, and in case you don’t have one, you can pick one from this list. Although we may not all be athletes, still we’ve all tried to stay a little fit, go for a walk in the morning, take the stairs to work or eat one piece less of that fried starter. Having a smart watch makes tracking these things easy and comes with a bunch of other features like a call notification.

Here’s a list of some affordable smart watches that you could buy and gear up to stick to your New Year resolution this time.

1. Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

best smartwatch under 10k samsung gear fit sm-r350


With a sleek design, the Samsung Gear Fit comes with a small 1.84-inch display and 128 x 432 pixels. The smartwatch can be connected to any smartphone or tablet with an Android OS v4.3 or above. The calling feature allows you to dismiss calls or alarms with just a touch of your finger.

samsung gear fit sm-r350 best smartwatch under 10k


That’s not all; the watch has the regular Pedometer along with an exercise and sleep monitor, handles notifications, timer, and stopwatch and can also help you find your phone when you’ve almost lost it under your bedsheets. It weighs only 27g and looks absolutely stylish. You can get your hands on one of these under 8,000 INR.

2. LG W100 Smartwatch

lg w100 best smartwatch under 10k


Like the Samsung Gear Fit, the LG W100 is also compatible with Android phone above v4.3. Priced at approximately 8,000 INR it comes with a 1.65-inch LCD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor. It allows you to check your notifications without searching for your phone. The LG W100 does not support the calling facility but has a built-in 9 Axis Gyro sensor and compass sensor.

3. Sony SWR30

best smartwatch under 10k sony swr30


This attractive looking device from Sony comes with a Bluetooth support and a smart calling feature. Priced slightly higher than 8,000 INR, the device is equipped with a touch screen and is water resistant too.

sony swr-30 best smartwatch under 10k


You can use it to check notifications, make calls and so much more. It keeps track of your life and can detect your activities like running, walking or when you go to sleep.

4. Spice Smart Pulse 9010

best smartwatch under 10k spice smart pulse 9010


One of the most cost-effective smartwatches available in the market is the Spice Smart Pulse 9010. Priced at approximately 4,000 INR, the M9010 has a 1.57-inch touchscreen display with a dual sim slot. The smartwatch supports a 2G network only. It allows you to make calls or even surf on the internet. It also has an audio/ video player and comes with an 8GB expandable storage.

5. Bingo U8 Smartwatch.

best smartwatch under 10k bingo u8 smartwatch


This one is priced at around 3,000 INR, but you could get it at an unbelievable discounted price. A perfect combination of a watch and a fitness band, the Bingo U8 has a touch screen display with a call function. It reminds you when your phone is ringing and is compatible with Android 2.3 and above. It supports both mp3 and mp4 formats and is equipped with a pedometer and a sleep monitor.

6. iBerry Auxus Rist Smartwatch

iberry auxus rist best smartwatch under 10k


Build with a 1.54-inch display this smartwatch comes with a 32GB expandable memory and a 4GB internal. It operates on an Android Jellybean OS and has a dual core processor. It has a heart rate monitor and a gyroscope and can fit in a micro sim.

best smartwatch under 10k iberry auxus rist


The processor is a 1.3 GHz along with a 600mAH battery. We can suppose that once you own this device, you won’t really need your phone at all. This all-in-one device is priced just under 10,000 INR.