Smartphone Battery Charging – Don’t Believe in the Myths

Smartphone Battery Charging – Don’t Believe in the Myths

Smartphone Battery Charging – Don’t Believe in the Myths

by January 20, 2015

charging-smartphoneThere are a lot of things which need special attention when it comes to your Smartphone’s safety and care. Merely covering your phone with a screen guard and a sturdy back cover does not help entirely. You must have seen most of the times people taking utmost care of their Smartphone devices. Be it protecting from stains, spilling of eatables, oil, heat, water and other stuff, but tend to ignore the battery part. It is highly important to look after your charging patterns and the duration for which you charge your phone. There various misconceptions related to the smart phone charging. A lot of smart phone users believe in these myths without making an effort in understanding the reality behind these notions. Here are some of the top myths relating to Smartphone charging and the reality behind it.

Avoid using the phone while on charging

This is the most common myth which most of the users believe in, that you should not use your phone while on charging. No, it’s just not true, you can surely keep using your phone even if it is kept on charging, till the time you are using the original and authentic branded charger it will cause no harm to your phone. But it is best to avoid running heavy downloads and longer phone calls while on charging to avoid any sudden smash-up.

Use the original brand’s charger

Well, it’s a decent practice to use only your phone brand charger, but using other company’s device is not going to disrupt any functionality in your phone, hence it’s totally fine to use other chargers as well at times. However, it is advised to avoid using duplicate and fishy low brand charging devices (other than well known brands) as they might work adversely on your phone.


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Overnight Charging destroys the battery life

Most of the people prefer keeping their phones on charge overnight so that they are ready to rush in the morning for work. However, a large number of people avoid this practice as they believe in the myth that charging the phone overnight affects their battery and reduces its shell life. But this is far from reality. It is always a good idea to get your phone 100% charged so that you can use it through the day and during the day most people find it difficult to charge their phone and therefore it is best to keep your phone on charge at night. Today, the modern smart phones have smart features that automatically stop the charging when the battery is fully charged.

No you don’t need to turn off your phone

As you use your phone through the day, it is natural that it consumes a significant amount of energy. Just like you switch off your computer or laptop after every use, it is important to switch off your phone once in a while. Not for too long though, but a couple of hours will not only improve the efficiency of your phone but also improve the battery life. Keeping your phone working for continuous days is sure to cause harm to the battery life. Hence, get out of the myth that your phone does not need to be turned off.

Charge only once it goes down to 0%

This myth deserves a special mention. Charging your phone just when it reaches 0% is too bad for your Smartphone’s battery life. It is not a healthy habit to let your battery drain completely and then charge the device. It affects the phone badly and reduces the functionality power and display. Every Smartphone has a finite number of battery cycles, so every time you let the battery drain completely it creates a whole new cycle in the window.

So, now that you learned the reality behind the myths associated with charging your smart phones make sure that you follow the above motioned easy and logical steps to take care of your phone. It is important to maintain the battery life of your phone to keep it functioning for a longer period of time.