SMART TVs – The latest raging craze in town

SMART TVs – The latest raging craze in town

SMART TVs – The latest raging craze in town

by April 11, 2013

Do you still have the bulky old CRT television sitting around the corner? Well, how about a serious upgrade and enjoy watching your preferred television shows with superb picture quality and sound? It is time you bring home a brand new Smart TV. Unlike a standard television set, smart TVs offer a lot more than just common entertainment.

The new smart TVs allow you to access your Facebook account, watch YouTube videos and browse the internet. Isn’t that cool!! You can access your social media networks simultaneously as you view TV programmes and post your comments, updates and even tag a couple of images too!!

Well, that’s not all. There are many other factors making these TVs smart, for instance the ‘Motion Control’ feature that lets you select apps, entertainment using simple gestures. Additionally, you can also control the TV functionality through your voice. Listed below are a few good ones capable of offering you a lot more than just standard entertainment.

Samsung Series 8 UA55ES8000Samsung Series 8 UA55ES8000:
There is probably endless number of reasons why you would want to call Samsung Series 8 UA55ES8000 TV, a Smart TV. The most enticing factor is its glossy design. It has a uniquely designed tabletop which further enhances its appeal. The installation is very simple and takes just a few minutes. This 55-incher can truly bring movies to life.

The TV comes with two different remotes – a standard and a touch sensitive remote. Note that this one is a 3D TV and includes active 3D glasses. Interestingly, it is the first one from Samsung to pump in a dual-core processor. Well, that’s not all. The Smart Evolution Kit lets you further upgrade the hardware. In terms of Apps, Samsung ensures that you get them all onto your TV. The Samsung Smart Hub offers a great bundle of apps including the most popular Angry Birds. To put it all together, the Series 8 UA55ES8000 offers you a complete package of almost everything.

LG 72LM9500 Cinema 3D TVLG 72LM9500 Cinema 3D TV:
Next on the list is the LG LM9500. If you are looking out for something too large, this 72-incher will surely fit your interest. When it comes to offering HD content, this one truly knows what you are looking for. Due to its glossy black finish the LG LM9500 catches no dust and scratches. This LG TV is shipped with passive 3D glasses which are quite comfortable to wear compared to standard 3D glasses.

Manage all your apps and your social networking stuff from your TV’s Home dashboard. Additional, the universal search feature lets you search Video-on-demand and YouTube content. Being Intel WiDi ready, the LG 72LM9500 can wirelessly connect to laptops and ultrabooks running on the 3rd generation Intel Core processors.

Lenovo K91Lenovo K91:
This recent creation from Lenovo is a bit different from most of the Smart TVs currently available in the market. The K91 is a first of its kind to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. As an additional bonus the K91 will have access to Lenovo’s cloud service which will include an app store as well.

The TV features a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a built-in 5 MP camera and a 1 GB RAM. Apart from regular TV programs, you also get to enjoy video-on-demand and a bundle of internet apps.

With all of that amazing stuff pumped in, no doubt why these fabulous innovations are known as smart TVs. So, if you have already planned to bring home one of these, Visit and compare the available exciting deals.

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