Smart, Stylish and Very “Hot”: Orient Enamour Water Heater

Smart, Stylish and Very “Hot”: Orient Enamour Water Heater

Smart, Stylish and Very “Hot”: Orient Enamour Water Heater

by October 30, 2017

Winter is coming. While Westeros has plenty to prepare for, all we need is a good water heater to beat the cold mornings. In recent years, most appliances from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators have evolved with time. Except for water heaters, which are still clunky with yesteryear’s technology. This is something a domestic brand Orient is set to change with its new Enamour water heater series. Let’s find out what sets it apart in this segment.

Design And Build
The Enamour looks nothing like your regular water heater. As opposed to a bulky cylindrical appliance, you get a modern design ready for your 21st-century bathroom. There’s nothing wrong with a utilitarian approach, but a good sense of aesthetics is always a nice touch. Orient has done a great job at achieving a balance in design with symmetry on almost every side. The temperature display is nicely embedded on the front. It is also nice to see that Orient has decided to go with minimal branding.
The neat-looking geyser is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. It is one of the strongest polymers available. Behind its streamlined design, is a robust Titanium enamel tank that can handle high pressure.
The Enamour water heater uses anti-corrosion Magnesium rod, which lasts longer than the regular one. Considering the high-temperature and pressure, you can’t imagine bacteria to survive inside the tank. However, Orient has treated the water tank with Japanese anti-bacterial technology for good measure.
Orient has used high-quality materials for the geyser. The company is quite confident about its performance and is offering a 7-year warranty on the embedded tank. The heating element is covered for four years. And the overall product warranty is two years. That’s more than what most manufacturers in India offer.

Orient enamour water heater

Although the installation of water heater is not rocket science, you better leave this to the professionals. You can register a ticket by calling Orient’s (Toll-Free) number 1800 103-7574.

Features And Performance
The orient Enamour is a storage type heater. You have to leave it on for a few minutes before taking a bath. Thanks to its patented Whirlflow technology, it gives you up to 20 percent more hot water. Therefore, saving time spent on water heating. With the efficient heating process, the geyser also saves on electricity. India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has awarded it a 5-star rating. It comes in 15-litre and 25-litre models. The 15-litre variant is ideal for a family with 3+ members. Anything more than that, you should consider the 25-litre model.
Unlike most water heaters that only tells whether it is power on or off, the Enamour has a temperature display. Using an LCD strip, it provides you with the information on water temperature. What’s more, you even get a thermostat dial to adjust the heating as per your needs. In conventional water heaters, you have to control the water temperature using the taps. However, Orient offers you finer control over it a user-friendly dial.

Water heaters contain heated water stored at high pressure in high rise buildings. That’s a scary setting for any bathroom. Thankfully, like any responsible company, Orient has added stellar safety measures in its water heater. It has a PRV (Pressure Release Valve) that makes sure that the heater doesn’t turn into a bomb. It also comes with an auto cut off mechanism to prevent another potentially dangerous scenario dry-heating. Its ability to withstand a high pressure of 8 bars and suit varying water conditions further make this unit ideal for use in high-rise apartments.


The Orient Enamour with 15-litre storage tank is priced at Rs 8,249. The 25-litre variant can be yours for Rs 10.990. The price is slightly more than a regular water heater of the same capacity. However, by spending a little more, you get a pleasant design, robust build quality, and cutting-edge security features. I simply can’t think of a water heater that comes with an IPX4 body, digital temperature display, and a thermostat. If you are planning to buy a future-proof water heater this winter, you must consider the Orient Enamour.