Smart and Amazing –The New Nokia N1 Tablet

Smart and Amazing –The New Nokia N1 Tablet

Smart and Amazing –The New Nokia N1 Tablet

by November 24, 2014

Nokia-N1-AndroidThe forever tech-giant Nokia is now back after a long term break. Though the company’s line-up seemed not so happening and empty these days, Nokia always proves its efficiency and mastermind in the mobile industry. The Lumia Smartphone series launched within the most affordable price ranges this year received huge response from its potential and loyal customers. With this massive success, it has now introduced the New Nokia N1 Tablet! This has been the most anticipated and sought after Tablet for all the Nokia users and is sure to get back its once-titanic consumer brand status.

Key Features:

  • Operating System : Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Processor & Ram : .4 GHz quad core Intel atom Z3580, which is paired with 2GB RAM
  • Screen size : 7.9 inches
  • Battery capacity : 5300 mah


 Other highlights Of Nokia N1 Tablet:

  • It will cost you $250 after the launch but it has been slated to land in China first time by next year.
  • The amazing Nokia N1 sports an 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera which has the reversible USB type C- port and a twin set of speakers and some similar looking volume buttons.
  • With a 6.9 mm waistline, the Nokia N1 is said to be the slimmer tablet compared to the iPad mini3.
  • It has a 2048 x 1536 resolution, Wi-Fi 802.11 with MIMO
  • Its stereo surrounds sound speakers
  • The Nokia N1 is constructed out of aluminum and has a relatively thinner body.

nokian1perspectivesNokia will be planning to license its name to Foxconn, who will be handling the engineering, marketing and sales of Nokia N1. Last time when Nokia ventured into the tablet race, it churned out the stunning Lumia 2520 tablet competing with the iPad Mini and some of the other famous Samsung tablets. The expected Nokia N1 seems to be a curious little beast which is sure to give a tough fight to Apple, Samsung, iball, Lenovo, Xolo and Dell which are comparatively well established in the tablet market. However, consumer demands are fluctuating and increasing day-by-day hence, for tech marketers as well it has become a tight-rope-walk.

Nokia, with the launch of N1 will surely hit the markets with a boom as most of the old customers are expected to return to Nokia considering its brand value and reliability. Hopefully, Nokia will be successful in moving the needle towards them after coming face-to-face with the customers now. Nokia feels extremely proud of the fact that you can actually scribble on the screen to pull up the apps instantly that haven’t surfaced on the list yet. Basically, it just means that you can actually check out for the apps which are soon to be launched. The Nokia N1 is sure to hit the store shelves with a massive demands and pre-launch orders. This will be the greatest launch for Nokia as it will be facing its customers with a grand product after a long period of time. Let’s hope Nokia creates magic this time as well!