Simple Steps to use your washing machine efficiently

by July 27, 2017
Simple Steps to use your washing machine efficiently

The washing machine is an integral part of our fast-paced lives. We would like to spend minimum time on trivial household chores such as washing clothes hence it is a very important part of any household. It is typically used twice or thrice a week for a normal family. Depending on the load, it runs for 40 minutes to an hour and consumes electricity and water to wash and dry our clothes.

A few simple steps, as below, if followed will help to enhance the efficiency of the washing machine and help it to last longer:

  1. Try to reduce the loads: Do you wash kitchen and dusting towels daily? The towels used in kitchen or other rooms which do not get dirty very fast, should be washed optimally and not daily.

  1. Wait for a full load before running the washing machine: Washing clothes need not be a daily activity. Wait for a full load to accumulate and then use the washing machine. It is much better than running small loads as the consumption of water and electricity goes up when you opt for running the machine with small loads multiple times as against running a full load whenever required.

  1. Ensure that the “settings” are perfect before using the washing machine: If you need to run a small load, ensure that only a proportionate amount of washing powder is put into the washing machine. The washing machine should be set to small load, medium load or appropriate setting in your washing machine. This will ensure that less water and electricity is consumed. Further, due to optimum use of washing powder, the number of rinses required would also be minimized. Many washing machines have an option of extra rinse. The feature should be used only if required.

  1. Is your washing machine smelly? How often do you clean your washing machine? Regularly remove the lint filter, the detergent drawer etc. and wash it with warm water. Keeping the washing machine clean and maintained will ensure that it operates at optimum efficiency, consumes less water and electricity and lasts longer.

  1. Front Load or Top Load? This is probably one of the most critical decisions that also impact the consumption of water and electricity. Front loading washing machines, while being expensive, are efficient. Their horizontal drum uses gravity to tumble loads and consumes about 50% less water. With a higher spin span, front loads can also help to rinse and dry clothes faster. Top loaders have a faster cycle time and are energy efficient with cold water but less energy efficient with warm water. It is important to analyze your needs, number of washes required per week etc. and choose wisely.