Celebrate this Father’s Day with #SuperheroDad

by June 14, 2015

Fathers day

It is said that a father is a superhero without a cape, and rightly so. He’s your safety net, he’s your pillar; he’s your teacher, he’s your friend; he is your guiding light. A father is a daughter’s first crush and a son’s first hero…and that is why we have Father’s Day- a day to express our love and admiration to the man who makes us what we are. Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, Father’s Day this year falls on the 21st of June.

Traditionally, a mother has been considered as the sole caregiver of a child. With changing times, the psyche of the people has changed too. A Father is no longer seen as simply a financial pillar but as someone who provides emotional support, spiritual guidance, and unconditional love. A Father today is as important as a Mother if not more.

Fathers day

It is impossible to thank our fathers for all that they’ve done but we can show our gratitude every now and then with small gestures and token of appreciation- a hug, a greeting card, or their favorite gadget.

As grown up children, we often see and understand our fathers deal with stress and work load. This Father’s Day, show them a way to a better health by gifting them an Exercise bike, or a Treadmill along with a lecture on the benefits of exercising!

If your Father is a voracious reader, gifting him a Book by his favorite author is a good idea. Be it spiritual, mystery, thriller, drama, or philosophy, a good book will remind your Father of you every time they pick up the book.

Fathers day

For a Father who loves tech gadgets, a Laptop or a Smartphone can make for a great present. It is a useful accessory for both work and home. If you live away from your family, video calling using the Smartphone or laptop will help you stay connected with your Father and the rest of the family. To remind your Father of all those who care about him, you could also set a family picture as his laptop’s wallpaper!

Grooming is important as will be attested by every daughter who has seen her Father unshaven! And every son looks up to his father when it comes to such things! A grooming set comprising of trimmers and shavers is a subtle yet playful way of reminding your Father of the importance of grooming! The exercise equipment can make him feel young while the grooming kit can make him look young!

Sore feet were not a problem for our Fathers when we made them run tirelessly after us as kids during a game. It’s time to make up for that by gifting them a foot massager! It is an amazing way to unwind post a long day at work. If your Father is a child at heart, a gaming console can make for a fun gift too! And you could even try to beat him in one of the games!

Whatever the present you wish to gift, make sure it comes from the heart. If you’re confused, head to CompareRaja.in for ideas and details of the gifts you want to buy. This Father’s Day, compare the prices, not love!