Shopping for the best price – Compare Wisely to Save Time and Money

Shopping for the best price – Compare Wisely to Save Time and Money

Shopping for the best price – Compare Wisely to Save Time and Money

by November 11, 2014

Since ancient times, people have always been on a lookout for a chance to save money. Except for a few cases where our emotions take over and force us to purchase impulsively, most of us are generally cautious buyers.

A ‘Sales Pitch’ can be Misleading

Going to a store to purchase a product could land you in trouble. There you won’t get the chance to compare prices and with trained sales clerks who can sell almost anything. You might just get convinced that you are getting absolute value for your money. However, some people prefer seeing the product first hand, especially if it a high value purchase. In such a case, it would be a good idea to take along your smartphone and access the internet through it. You could do a quick comparison of the product through your phone itself which in turn might give you a higher bargaining power.

It can be difficult to resist pulling out your wallet when you see something you love. However, it is just tragic to have bought something only to realize you could have got it for much less. Thus you must find the strength to resist until you do a quick search online.

How to shop smartly online?

Tip #1 Use Price Comparison Websites


The internet has supported our price hunt by offering easy comparisons between prices of the same product. Now we no longer have to go from shop to shop hoping they have the product and that too at a better price. There are price comparison sites that are dedicated to simply comparing prices from different online sellers. These forces merchants to keep a check on their pricing or their competition could steal consumers from right under their nose by offering a better price. This is good news for the common man as it simply helps him to get the desired products at low price. Once you see just how much you can save online by a simple comparison, you will never go back to impulsive shopping. So next time you feel like shopping at first sight, think twice as there just might be a better deal somewhere else, it is always better to double check.

Tip #2 Do not indulge in Over-Comparison

The more expensive the purchase, the more likely consumers are to compare prices. For instance, if you are buying a cell phone, you are probably going to visit a minimum of three sites before making a decision. Some studies say that the more sites a person visits the higher the amount he is likely to spend. This is because the consumer is likely to be making a high value purchase. Price comparison doesn’t only come into play while shopping for products. It is a great way to get the best holiday deals. Right from booking your hotel or your flight tickets, you can easily compare prices and get the best rates.

Tip #3 Make use of Product Comparison feature

product comparison feature

By knowing and understanding consumer behaviour most online retailers have started providing product information as well as feature comparison. It helps the users to take informed decisions.

Tip #4 Use Discount Coupons 


With so many options available to consumers, retailers issue several the discount coupons and offers to attract consumers. There are numerous coupon code aggregators (like that list all the discount coupons from leading online stores so that consumers don’t have to waste time hunting for them.

To summarize- In today’s world of Web, consumer is really a king as he has multiple options to make a smart purchase decision that saves him time as well as money.