Schneider Switches: Add an Opulent Flair to Your Interiors

Schneider Switches: Add an Opulent Flair to Your Interiors

Schneider Switches: Add an Opulent Flair to Your Interiors

by March 15, 2018


When it comes to interior decoration an eye for the details is all you need to give your home or office a lavish makeover. Even the smallest minutia can make or break the aesthetic of interiors. Needless to say old-fashioned, dime-a-dozen electric switches contribute nothing to lush décors reflecting refined taste. That’s where Schneider switches come in. Designed with intrinsic care and innovation, these light switches are perfected to the urban preferences. Not just interiors! Schneider manufactures a whole range of light switches in astonishing variety for the exterior parts of buildings as well. Let’s find out what makes them stand out from the rest.

About Schneider Switches: Illuminating the Spaces in Life Luxuriously

With a heritage that spans nearly two centuries, Schneider Electric aims to fuel the progressive movement of life with its many innovations. Through World Wars and upheavals, Schneider has never lost motivation to move ahead, expanding its wings across various industries including energy management and innovative technologies. At the same time, this world-renowned manufacturer has always come up with products which can be implemented to improve the quality of life. One such range is their light switches, available in a plethora of stunning styles, designs, and colours.

Committed to bringing innovation at every level of expertise, Schneider has married smart features with sophisticated aesthetics for creating light switches suited to delightful interiors. Crafted from high quality, eco-friendly natural materials, these light switches are surely a class apart in both looks and utility. Most importantly, you can find switches to suit every purpose that you have in mind. For example, you can create a subtly lit relaxing ambience with the help of the ambient dimmer switches. The weatherproof sockets offer optimal sustainability through extreme conditions for years. Comfort, control, safety and connectivity, these switches are poised to deliver the best for every need that you have.

A Truly Versatile Selection

Schneider has created a surprisingly diverse array of light switches, ensuring that each model is a cut above the ordinary. With such a vast gamut of options, one is surely spoilt for choice. On the other hand, going through their collection will help you pick the models that blend supremely well with the designing ethos of your interiors. Another vital aspect of Schneider switches is their cutting-edge features so that they admirably adapt to the edges and contours of your lifestyle. These models introduce sustainable energy-efficiency in the lives of users. Plus, they can be operated remotely from the far through handheld smart-devices. The easy to use switches make turning all the lights on or off simpler with just the slightest effort on your part. You can get them in Flush Mounted and Weatherproof Variants as per requirements.

Some excellent models in the Flush Mounted category are Unica, Altira, Miluz, Sedna, Neo, ZENcelo, ULTI, Pieno, Vivace, Habit 21, Lunare, Décor, Roda, and Asfora. Each of these ranges has several refreshing models in invigorating finishes, patterns and other stylistic nuances that help in differentiating them. Majority of these models come with complimentary wood or metal cover frames, expanding the scope of customization. Some models like the Unica Class can be installed both vertically and horizontally for enhancing convenience.

If you are looking for models suitable for high-traffic commercial spaces, then models from the Altira range would be ideal. These models come with exceptional control insert facilities such as dimmers, movement detectors, time delay switches and thermostats. For comprehensive home control technology, you may also opt for the models from the ULTI range. Extra-low voltage control plates with one-touch sense control make them extraordinary.

The Weatherproof light switch collection has two long-lasting, high-functionality models which are MertenAquadesign and Merten Anti-Vandalism. The waterproof, Scratch-proof, and UV-stable MertenAquadesign can be used for numerous appliances. They are perfect for installation in commercial kitchens, pool area of hotels, residential terraces and other outdoor areas. The Teflon-coated aluminium die-cast metal Merten Anti-Vandalism switches make them indestructible. In addition, they have an anti-theft feature that secures your investment infallibly.

Incomparable Aesthetic Appeal

In instilling the light switches with ultra-modern features, Schneider has not ignored their appearance. From the revolutionary full-flat switches that swiftly lift contemporary décors to the traditional ones ideal for barn or country style interiors, they have them all. Clean and sleek lines are coupled with never seen before designs that stun the onlookers. Exclusive designing features give each range of switches a touch of uniqueness. For example, the NEO models have blue and white LED locators that lend an uber-cool look to the rooms. The beauty of ZENcelo switches lie in the simple elegance of their full-flat designs, and soft amber coloured moving indicator. The square profile and round dolly of the ULTI range are fascinating and convenient at the same instant. Glossy finish and metropolitan style of the Decor model of switches can give intimate set-up such as the bedroom a royal aura.

Wide Spectrum of Colours

The days of either white or black switches are gone forever. Schneider has overruled compromising with interior décor due to limited colour choices. The Schneider switches are available in a huge number of colours. You can get the switches along with complimenting or contrasting shades of cover frames. Want to match the switches with the upholstery of your newly bought sofa-set? Or, would you like to break the all-white décor philosophy with a burst of bold colours? There are switches in every colour palette of your preference. From basic nudes, warm browns and cool whites to vibrant reds, sober blues, and classic greys, Schneider makes switches in shades you wish for, and you have never imagined before. Arctic silver, Ivory, and metallic pink are some more trending colour varieties to try. Customization options enable buyers to select the colour of switches and frames separately.

Affordable and Appropriate Pricing

The prices of Schneider switches vary based on their model, features, and functionalities. For example, the price of Livia switches starts from INR 130 apiece. Satin finish Opale switches can cost between INR 166 to INR 540. Depending on high-end designs and feature-rich experience offered by the switches, the prices can go up to INR 2000 or above. Cover plates are also offered at additional yet budget-friendly prices.

It is the small details of home décor that speak volumes about your aesthetic perception. The Schneider switches are your ultimate partner in perfecting interiors with exceptional grace, keeping even the snobbiest of peers enchanted.