Saregama Carvaan Premium Launched for Rs. 7,390

Saregama Carvaan Premium Launched for Rs. 7,390

Saregama Carvaan Premium Launched for Rs. 7,390

by September 20, 2018

Saregama has launched a new product under the Carvaan stable in India. The new product is the Carvaan Premium. The speaker comes along with a companion app for Android and iOS. This app enables users to easily select songs, create playlists and do much more.

The new Carvaan Premium comes with a new mesh design and is available in Royal Blue colour. The device comes with a price tag of Rs. 7,390. The Caravan Premium launch closely follows the launch of the Saregama Mini 2.0 which is a small Bluetooth enabled speaker with 351 Hindi move songs that was made available to the users at a price tag of Rs, 2,490.

The Caravan Premium comes with an in-built stereo speaker and has over 5,000 evergreen Hindi songs integrated into it. The portable digital audio player also has 52 new stations based on lead actors and actresses on whom the songs have been picturised. The new stations have been dedicated to artists such as Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Sharmila Tagore, Rishi Kapoor etc. The gadget comes with support for AM and FM frequencies.

The Caravan Premium also offers an AUX port for plugging in additional devices to listen to music stored on the plugged-in device. The rechargeable battery of the Caravan Premium is believed to last up to five hours. Saregama offers an All-India doorstep warranty of one year for the Caravan Premium.

The Saregama Carvaan app can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore or the App Store for Apple enthusiasts. The app enables users to view the entire list of 5000 songs, search for the songs of their liking based on the lyrics, the artists that have featured in the song or the name of the album. The users can also create playlist of their favourite songs using the app.

The dimensions of the Saregama Carvaan Premium is 289×226 x84 mm and it weighs 1.3 kilograms.

Vikram Mehra, Managing Director of Saregama India said in a statement, “We believe that consumer knows the best. Over the last 12 months of Carvaan, we have collected feedback from hundreds of customers. This has been the basis of Carvaan’s Premium variant. We believe Carvaan and its premium variant will be the hottest gifts this Diwali.”

Just to recap, the Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 was announced at a price of Rs 2,490. The Bluetooth enabled speaker is available in six colour options namely Sapphire Green, Sunset Red, Regal Blue, Moonlight Black, Skyline Blue, and Mint Green. As mentioned earlier, it integrates 351 Hindi songs, supports Bluetooth v4.1, and has one USB port for connectivity. The Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 features an ABS plastic chassis. It takes four hours to charge completely once.  The device facilitates 2-3 hours of non-stop playtime.