Samsung’s Unbox Magic Smart TVs Launched With PC Features And Home Cloud

Samsung’s Unbox Magic Smart TVs Launched With PC Features And Home Cloud

Samsung’s Unbox Magic Smart TVs Launched With PC Features And Home Cloud

by April 10, 2019

Samsung has launched the Unbox Magic series Smart TV which will also double up as a PC. The South Korean electronics giant is gearing up to take on Xiaomi in the Indian smart TV market. The new smart TV by Samsung can double up as a personal computer, music system, home cloud, live cast and a two-way sharing device.

The new Samsung Unbox Magic Smart TVs come in screen variants starting from 32-inch and it goes up to 82-inches. The TVs come with high definition screen supporting Ultra Pix technology. It can go up to Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K models.

“At Samsung, we believe in creating an ecosystem, to provide users with unique solutions that enhance the consumer’s experience and enrich their lifestyle. The latest Smart TV range caters to the needs of our consumers with a host of never-seen-before features such as Personal Computer, Music System, Home Cloud, Live Cast and Two Way Sharing. With Samsung’s commitment to deliver best in class products, these Smart TVs will redefine the consumer experience,” said Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Samsung India.

Samsung Unbox Magic Series key features

With the new Unbox Magic Series, Samsung will redefine the very meaning of Televisions. It will now become the user’s personal computer. Samsung smart TV users can now transform their TV into a full-fledged personal computer. They can do much more on their TV than just browsing the web or watching their favourite TV series. As per the company, users can create documents and even access and work on files from the cloud. Samsung has also conveyed that users can mirror their laptops wirelessly without an internet connection. The Smart TV by Samsung is secured using Knox and cloud services. These services are powered by Microsoft Office 365.

The new Samsung Smart TV can also transform into a virtual music system. It allows users to choose from a library of skins with different color options. By adding visual elements, Samsung has worked towards enhancing the overall audio experience. The Smart TV can also act as a virtual cloud by automatically storing the user’s favourite photos or videos. The pictures and videos on the user’s smartphone can be transferred seamlessly and in wireless mode to a password protected USB drive that is connected to the TV. This can be done without the need of an internet connection.

And last but not the least, Samsung smart TV users will be able to stream live moments from any remote location on to their TV using their smartphone over the internet. This can be done using the Live Cast feature. The two-way sharing feature of the smart TV allows users two-way sharing of the content between the TV and the smartphone. Samsung’s Smart TVs also come with the Smart Hub. The Smart Hub facilitates single access to users for all personal content of theirs. The new range of Unbox Magic Series start at Rs 24,900. It will be available at Samsung Smart Plazas and at all the leading consumer electronic stores.