Your Monitor Will Now Charge Your Smartphone

by August 2, 2015

samsung wireless mobile charging monitor


Once you reach your office, the first thing you probably do is place your phone somewhere besides your computer monitor, so that you get a glimpse of every notification you get while you are busy working.

However, you soon realize your phone is running out of battery. What next? Well, of course, you walk to the nearest charging hub and connect your phone. Now, every time you get a notification, you walk towards the charging hub.

What if your phone could charge while it is resting just near your monitor, with no charging hubs, and sockets needed whatsoever? Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Samsung turns this dream into a reality by introducing the SE370, a monitor with a built in wireless charging system for mobile phones. Samsung’s prime motive behind this brand new innovation is to reduce the hassle that phone charging cables usually create.

samsung wireless mobile charger


The charging area is integrated inside the monitor’s stand. All you need to do is simply place your phone on the stand. The green light glowing in the base indicates that the charging process is on.

For now, the charging point is only compatible with mobile devices that support Qi charging standard. It is one of the most popular global interface standards presently being used by numerous smartphone makers such as LG, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony and Asus to name a few.

Wireless mobile charger monitor


Listed below are the complete specifications:

  • Screen size – 23.6 inches / 27 inches

  • Resolution – 1920 x 1080

  • Viewing angles (H/V) – 178° / 178°

  • Contrast ratio – 1000:1

  • Operating System Compatibility – Microsoft Windows / Mac

samsung se370 monitor


samsung se370 monitor back


Some additional essential features include:

  • Eco Saving Plus

Reduces power consumption by controlling the current used by the monitor panel

  • Magic Bright

Provides optimum picture quality based on the environment that the monitor is placed in

  • Magic Upscale

Enhances the image quality even though the actual quality of the image is not the best

  • Flicker Free

A high refresh rate eliminates the perception of screen flicker

  • FreeSync

Resolves the communication issue between the monitor and the processor, thereby eliminating image tear and choppiness

  • Eye Saver Mode

Reduces blue-light that is responsible for eye strains and sleep problems

For now, the monitor is available in white high glossy colour. However, nothing is yet known about the price and the exact launch date. But, you can expect it to hit shelves by the end of this year.

But, who would use a monitor to charge?

That’s one of the questions revolving around your mind right now. Why would anyone use a monitor to charge his/her phone? Well, the answer is simple. What if you don’t have a charger at hand? Or, what if there is no charging point around. Your mobile spends hours lying around your desktop. So, why not charge it while it’s not being used?

Samsung has been frequently coming up with brand new innovative products, and the SE370 seems to be the new addition to its ever growing list. Stay tuned. The Korean tech giant might come up with something more interesting in future.