Samsung Launches ‘The Frame’ TV, Prices Start From Rs 2,74,900

by October 11, 2017

Samsung has unveiled its premium The Frame TV in India. The television promises great picture quality and turns into a piece of art when turned off.

First showcased at CES 2017, TV has already won the ‘Best of Innovations Award’. The Frame boasts of Samsung’s no gap wall-mount, which keeps the TV against the wall. It gets rid of the messy cables by turning them into a single transparent optical cable.

The Frame offers UHD picture quality. When powered off, it does not fade to black like a conventional TV. It has an Art Mode feature, which display’s your favourite masterpiece on TV. The images can be picked using a mobile app.

The TV comes pre-loaded with over a hundred works of art by renowned global artists. With options in 10 different categories – including wildlife, landscapes, drawings, and digital art. By signing up for a monthly subscription, you can access additional curated art. For self-obsessed people, there’s even an option to beam your photo as a wallpaper.

The Frame is able to switch from its various modes using both a brightness sensor and a motion sensor. The brightness sensor seamlessly adjusts to ambient lighting so that The Frame truly blends into your living room. A motion sensor allows The Frame to know when someone enters or exits the room. This enables it to enter a power saving mode when no one is watching and to switch back on automatically when someone is around.

The Frame TV comes in two sizes. The 55-inch panel is priced at Rs 2,74,900. The 65-inch unit will set you back for Rs 3,99,900.