Samsung Gear Circle – A Wireless Headphone that makes listening music a lot more fun

Samsung Gear Circle – A Wireless Headphone that makes listening music a lot more fun

Samsung Gear Circle – A Wireless Headphone that makes listening music a lot more fun

by December 18, 2014

Move on to yet another futuristic device – the Samsung Gear Circle, a set of in-ear headphones enabled with Bluetooth. Excited to lay your hands on it or plug this earbuds on to your ears? But first, wouldn’t it be nice if you know about the specifications of this innovative mobile accessory.

Specifications in brief:
  • Microphone: Single MEMS
  • Connectivity: BT 3.0 / HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Sensor: Magnetic Sensor (Hall IC) and Touch Sensor
  • Battery: 180mAh Li-ion with 300 hours Standby. 11 hours Talktime & 9 hours Playtime
  • Speaker: 12 Dynamic with Hybrid Canal Buds


This device can be worn around the neck rather than the wrist as in most smart watches. When the Gear Circle is not in use, the ear buds come close to create a necklace style loop with their magnetic properties. This means they are ready for use, whenever you wish to use them. No need to carry a case for holding them or to insert them in pockets, they are ready to work wherever you are and whenever you want.

Oh yes, this earphone set allows you to get rid of the hassles of managing the dangling wires; it snuggly wraps around your neck. And not to mention, it makes receiving calls easy, its compact shape makes it easy for you to talk without having to adjust the mouthpiece so that the other person hears your voice clearly. The earphone can be easily synched to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

You can receive calls through the Samsung Gear circle through a vibration alert. For receiving the phone call, put the Circle to your ear after detaching the earphones. The earphone also features a pause and play and volume control buttons. This makes it easy for the users to adjust the volume level as well change the tracks as per their needs.

Wish to make calls? Yes, that’s feasible too provided your Smart phone or the tablet device is equipped with S-Voice for registering your voice commands. New notifications received by your phone will be conveyed to you through the S-voice. That is not all you can even set other apps that you want including alarms

One of the major highlights of this ear phone is that it has a powerful 180mAh battery that keeps the device running for a long time. You can continue enjoying your music for up to 9 hours. In the standby mode the earphones can run for up to 300 hours. If you are a business person and use the phone for long hours, you can be sure to enjoy talk time up to 11 hours. The hand free feature allows you to attend all your calls even while you are working at your desk, while driving or even when you are walking or doing any other activity that requires you to use your hand. The Samsung Gear Circle comes with a Micro USB port that can be used for charging the device. Samsung will be happy to sell Gear Circle owners one of its new multi-cord USB cables to charge all your gadgets from a single power outlet too. This headgear supports connectivity through Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi too.

Offered in three colour options viz. Blue, Black and White at Rs. 5,599 as against their earlier announced price of Rs. 8,500 in India.