Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Sport 3D Facial Recognition: Launch Date and Features

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Sport 3D Facial Recognition: Launch Date and Features

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Sport 3D Facial Recognition: Launch Date and Features

by March 17, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ went on sale in India yesterday (March 16) and now the speculations about its successor, the Galaxy S10, have already started.

South Korean tech giant Samsung will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of its flagship Galaxy S series in 2019 and company is planning to make it a grand event by launching Galaxy S10 (or Galaxy SX) just like what Apple did with iPhone X.

What to expect in Galaxy S10?

3D Facial Recognition, In-screen Fingerprint Sensor, 5G Connectivity

As per the speculations by some online reports, the Galaxy S10 may have an in-screen fingerprint sensor and 3D facial recognition. The Galaxy S9 was expected to come with in-screen fingerprint sensor but the company decided to push the launch to its successor as it wanted to ensure a flawless user experience. W.r.t. 3D facial recognition, the feature is successfully launched by Apple in its flagship Apple iPhone X. There are other brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo etc. that have launched face recognition feature to unlock the phone, however it is 2D based and thus not as secured as Apple’s Face ID. The 3D facial recognition in iPhone X uses sensors to recognise the user’s face in extreme detail making it highly secured unlike the 2D facial recognition. Apple’s Face ID is secure enough for mobile payments and good enough for animojis i.e. a virtual emoji mask which can be controlled with your face. See this video…

To build a 3D sensing camera, there needs to be a sensor manufacturer, an algorithm developer and a module company. The role of algorithm developer is of upmost importance in this. Samsung is reported to have tied up with Mantis Vision, an Israeli 3D camera solution company to build a 3D sensing camera algorithm for Samsung Galaxy 10.

The Galaxy S10 may also be one of the first smartphones to support 5G. If Samsung manages to pull off all this, then the Galaxy S10 launch event can really be a grand one just as the company wants it to be.

Launch Date of Galaxy S10

Usually Samsung launches its flagships around February or March so one can expect the Galaxy S10 launch during the same period in 2019.

None of this can be confirmed at the moment and can only be termed as speculation. We may have to wait for some more time for more concrete information. Stay tuned and we’ll get you all the latest updates.