Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Could Launch in July to Outshine Apple’s 2018 Line of iPhones

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Could Launch in July to Outshine Apple’s 2018 Line of iPhones

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Could Launch in July to Outshine Apple’s 2018 Line of iPhones

by March 30, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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A latest report by The Investor claims that Korean tech giant Samsung may launch its next flagship Galaxy Note 9 earlier than expected in order to make up for the “less than stellar” performance of the recently launched S series smartphones S9 and S9+. Another reason could be to outshine the Apple’s new iPhones for 2018 expected to arrive in September.

The Investor reports that Samsung will start mass-producing its OLED displays for the Galaxy Note 9 in April, which is about two months earlier than the usual June kickoff for Note series smartphones. Thus, we can expect the Note 9 to launch in July or at least August 2018.

Last year, Apple had to postpone the launch of its iPhone X from September to November due to technical glitches related to 3D facial sensing technology. But that will not be the case this year as the company is preparing well in advance and will stick to the September 2018 launch for its new series of iPhones. Apple is expected to launch three new smartphones this year with different sizes as well as prices. Out of these, two iPhones will come with OLED display (5.85-inch and 6.46-inch) and the third one may sport an LCD display (6.04-inch). Samsung may launch the Galaxy Note 9 early in order to steal some of its rival Apple’s thunder by going earlier and thereby combating the threat posed by the upcoming iphones.

Samsung has preponed the launch of Note series smartphone in the past and thus it won’t be surprising if it does it again with Note 9. The Galaxy Note 8 was unveiled by the company on August 23 in 2017 and it hit the stores on September 15. The Note 7 was launched on August 2 in 2016 and went on sale from August 19. However, the company had to recall the phone and even stop its production after the reports of battery catching fire. Company is reported to have implemented stricter testing protocols for all its upcoming phones since then.

Another reason to believe this report is that Samsung is testing the phone’s software sooner than expected which hints that the release date is near. Recently, a Samsung phone with model number SM-N960U has passed through Geekbench test with single-core score of 2,190 and a multi-core result of 8,806, which is higher than the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 plus but lower than the Apple’s iPhone X and Galaxy S9. The device is expected to be Galaxy Note 9 as the US version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the SM-N950U.

Galaxy Note 9 Geekbench-Score

Galaxy Note 9 Expected Specifications:

Going by the rumours, the Galaxy Note 9 will sport a 6.38-inch display which is not only larger than its predecessor Galaxy Note 8 at 6.32-inch but also larger than the Galaxy S9 Plus at 6.2-inches. It was also reported recently, that the Galaxy Note 9 will be backed by a 3,850mAh battery, which is 17% bigger than the one in Galaxy Note 8 at 3,300mAh and Galaxy S9 Plus at 3,500mAh. However, it doesn’t match the might of 4,000 mAh battery being hosted by the likes of Huawei P20 Pro or Huawei Mate 10. Of course, battery size isn’t everything and the phone’s setup also contributes a lot to the battery performance. So, we’ll have to wait and watch until the phone’s official launch. The Note 9 could be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor as that’s the one powering all the latest flagship smartphones including Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and Samsung’s own Galaxy S9 and S9+.

There will be three storage variants of Note 9- 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. However, we can expect only the 64GB and 128GB storage variants with Exynos 9810 to be launched in India. The device expected to be Samsung’s first one to run Android 8.1 Nougat out-of-the-box, although the phone will arrive after Google has released Android 9. But that’s quite common for all Samsung flagships as they never arrive with latest version of Android due to extensive nature of its customisation.

It is also reported that the Note 9’s fingerprint sensor may not be embedded into the phone’s display, which will disappoint a lot of Note series fans.

Expected Price of Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 8 was launched with a price tag of around £870 so one can expect the the Galaxy Note 9 to come with a same price tag or a slightly higher tag of £900. Notably, the Galaxy Note 8 is now traded online around £770.

That’s all we know about Galaxy Note 9 at the moment. Keep watching this space for further updates.