Samsung Galaxy A7 – The Next Big Thing in the Smart Phone Market

Samsung Galaxy A7 – The Next Big Thing in the Smart Phone Market

Samsung Galaxy A7 – The Next Big Thing in the Smart Phone Market

by January 15, 2015

In this age and race of producing the best in technology, companies like Samsung have shown their supremacy. The techno-war has made the customer the king and resulted in a wide array of brilliant products to choose from. The latest entrant in this war is the Samsung Galaxy A7 which promises to change how smartphone users view their phones.

Although the Korean manufacturer hasn’t declared the launch date or the price of the product, experts suggest that the phone may be priced at around $450. The phone sports a 5.5″ screen and at 6.3 mm thick it is being touted as one of the slimmest phone out there. The all metal phone comes equipped with Android KitKat, a disappointment for techno freaks. The full HD AMOLED screen is complemented by the phone’s capacity for 4G which will enable the user to browse the internet, buffer videos, upload images, and download games at amazing speeds.

The Galaxy A7 is a must have for photo fiends with its 13 megapixel rear camera with autofocus and LED flash. Keeping in mind the growing number of selfie fans, the makers have incorporated a 5MP front camera. To add to the joy of these fans, the phone has a photo feature that allows you to take a picture through voice commands! Gone are the days when the otherwise perfect selfie would be ruined by cranky faces trying to reach the camera key.


he technical specs are quite impressive too. The Galaxy A7 is powered by a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon chip with 1.8 GHz quad- core and a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. The 2 GB RAM adds to the speed and multitasking abilities of this very smart phone. A dual- SIM version of the phone will be made available in selected countries only. This model will have a 1.5 GHz quad-core and a 1 GHz quad-core processor. The first class processor along with the memory make it very appealing for those who need to handle various tasks at the same time. With 16 GB of storage space the phone will prove to be a storehouse of everything you need. The phone has a 2600 mAH battery that should suffice the demands of a smartphone.

The phone also promises to reduce in-call background noise for a better call experience. Another feature for those who prefer privacy and confidentiality is the “private mode” which adds a layer of extra security for important files and folders. This add-on makes this apt for business use.

This Samsung product provides features that other phones do too. However, the brand name, the tentative pricing, the overall packaging, and the marketing is what puts this phone ahead of all others in terms of demand.

The Galaxy A7 will be available in colours of black, white or gold. For a 21st century mobile user, this is the phone to look out for for its multitasking capacities, good battery life, fast processors, big screen size, camera quality, and supporting apps. Go ahead, check out the minute details when the phone finally launches, and make the smart purchase that this phone claims to be.

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