Safety Apps for Women

Safety Apps for Women

Safety Apps for Women

by March 6, 2017

Top rated Safety Apps for Women

Women’s day is just around the corner. On March 8, the world will celebrate the social, economic, and cultural achievements of women. Despite excelling in every possible field, though, fairer sex still faces gender discrimination in developing countries such as India. What’s worse is that even in the 21st century, women safety is still an issue in our country. Irresponsible and downright pathetic statements from politicians and other influential people don’t help either. Since you can’t make such people think right, the least you can do is take care of your safety. As the saying goes, it is better safe than sorry; we list out top safety apps for women in India.

My Safetipin: Personal Safety
My Safetipin is perhaps the most elaborate and user-friendly app in the market. It is more than a simple panic button. Running in the background, the app can alert a user upon entering a shady part of the city. You can then be cautious and choose to share your location with family and friends. These contacts can track your position in real-time. The app also offers safer alternate routes if you are travelling. The safety data of different parts of the city is updated by inputs from thousands of active users. All in all, it is a must-have app for Indian women.

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bSafe – Personal Safety App

This is a feature-packed safety app with an excellent user interface. Not just emergency situations, but this app can help you avoid unpleasant experiences. bSafe lets you create a personal safety network of friends and family. It has a simple ‘I’m Here’ option to notify select people about your location. There is even a timer mode that can notify your friends and family if you do not check in within a set time. There’s even a fake call option to help you get out of a date gone wrong.

If you find yourself in danger, there’s a ‘Guardian Alert’ button, which shares your GPS location and also streams a video of your current location.

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Himmat (Delhi)

Regarding women safety, Delhi has the worst record amongst the metro cities in India. Little wonder then, the capital city police department has launched a safety app for women. To set up the app, you need to key in your details. The server then sends you an OTP (One Time Password) to complete the registration. You alter the app for easy access or configure SOS notifications.

Soon as the user raises a safety alert from Himmat App, the information directly relays to the Delhi police control room. Using the GPS location data, the control room can dispatch the nearest patrolling unit to help the user.

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Circle of 6

Much like bSafe app, Circle of 6 lets you create a circle of close friends and family contacts. If your date is turning out to be awkward, you can notify your close contacts to call you, so that you can politely excuse yourself. If you lose your way, you can use the app to a “come and get me” to your selected contacts. The recipients will then receive your geo-location via an SMS. For emergency situations, it comes with a built-in national hotline number. Moreover, you can add a guardian number of your choice.

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V-Safe is another feature-rich emergency app worth mentioning. Using V-Safe, a user can send SOS message to family and friends. Since you may not get enough time to open an app and hit the panic button in case of emergency, the app has a neat option to trigger a distress call by simply pressing the power button three times in quick succession. If you end up in a shady neighbourhood, there’s a ‘walk with me’ feature that shares your current location to your close friends. There’s even an option to set a time to reach a certain destination. In case you don’t check in on that location in time, the app notifies your chosen contacts. If you get caught in an accident, the V-Safe can help look-up hospitals nearby.

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