Rumours Are Rife That Motorola Will Be Launching An Affordable 4G Smartphone Soon

Rumours Are Rife That Motorola Will Be Launching An Affordable 4G Smartphone Soon

Rumours Are Rife That Motorola Will Be Launching An Affordable 4G Smartphone Soon

by February 25, 2015

With technology and gadgetry reaching new milestones, it is not difficult to find Smartphone companies rushing to innovate and produce the best. It is a testimony to the pace at which technology is moving that 3G speeds that were considered superlative until a few months back are now thought of as “slow”. The mighty 3G has now been replaced by the mightier 4G. With more and more multitaskers demanding this feature, the mobile giant- Motorola- has come up with an affordable 4G Smartphone that boasts of only the most advanced features at a price that will blow your mind in a good way of course!


The lucky phone that will soon get the tag of being Motorola’s flagship 4G phone in the Indian market is most probably going to be the Moto E2. If online rumors are to be believed, it will be the 2nd Generation Moto E as the other company Smartphones (Moto G and Moto X) have already been given a generational upgrade. The following are the tentative features of the phone that is rumoured to be launched soon:

  • 4G LTE enabled
  • 5-5 inch, 720 x 1280 HD display
  • Latest Android Lollipop
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 2 GHz Snapdragon quad core processor
  • 2070 mAh Battery
  • 8 MP primary camera
  • 8 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB

The huge screen will in all probability come equipped with a Corning Gorilla screen for some much needed durability. The fact that the phone will run on the latest Android iteration will be appreciated by all app lovers who need multiple games, social apps, document editors on their phones. The fast processor will make even the most advanced multitasker happy with its ability to switch seamlessly from one task to another; there will be no more worries about the phone hanging up in the middle of an important task.

With an excellent camera, the user is assured of unlimited memories that will be captured with the utmost clarity and if the internal memory is not sufficient for all your images and videos, then the expandable memory will surely be the way to go. To ensure that the user truly enjoys the Moto experience, the phone is powered by a long lasting battery that pledges to keep up with your tasks.

The pricing of this Motorola product is expected to be about Rs.9, 000 which will make it one of the most inexpensive Smartphones in the 4G world. The latest technical specifications with a long lasting battery life make it a practical purchase. The big screen with 4G connectivity is more than enough for any speed geek who loves to browse the internet, watch videos without the long buffering wait, and post on social networking sites instantly. The combination of all these features promises to put this phone in the ‘best buy’ list of many.

On a scale of 10, the upcoming Motorola 4G Smartphone can be given a rating of 7 based on its 4G connectivity, big screen and tech specs.