Roam-E Flying Selfie Stick Takes Your Selfie Obsession to Next Level

Roam-E Flying Selfie Stick Takes Your Selfie Obsession to Next Level

Roam-E Flying Selfie Stick Takes Your Selfie Obsession to Next Level

by April 5, 2016
Roam e flying stick

It is ridiculous (in a good way) how we humans have taken our obsession for clicking selfies to another level. Didn’t we see (and wondered in amazement and disgust) the picture of young Brit chap who posted a selfie with the guy who hijacked his plane. Those crazy selfies of people at the weirdest of places and situations, from a picture from the building top to the pictures taken hanging off the cliff, we have seen them all.

With the selfie fad growing day-by-day, it was only a matter of time that we had a flying selfie stick. Yes! You heard it right; a selfie stick that follows you around has become a reality. The ROAM-e flying selfie stick is a personal photography drone (if you can call it a drone) developed by an Australian Technology company loT Group. The device, which is slated to hit shelves in June, is already up for pre-bookings.

One of the biggest risks of clicking pictures with selfie stick is the phone falling off the stick’s end. With ROAM-e selfie stick you can bid goodbye to all these worries as the new gadget need not have to hold any stick, the flying device floats around in the air and it can follow you anywhere you go when tethered to the mobile device.

The ROAM-e uses a smart and innovative ‘faction recognition technology,’ which enables you to get a full 360 degree view of the surrounding. The best thing about the device is that you need not have to physically carry the device; instead, the device will follow you. It has an approximate 20 minutes of flying time and it also has the capacity to fly within 25 meters away from the user.

In terms of design and structure, the Roam-e selfie stick, looks like a cylindrical drone that has rotating fans that can be folded when not in use. From the outside, it essentially looks like a 600 ml water bottle and its widest point it is about 75 mm wide. This carefully designed drone is compact and can be easily slid in your backpack or pocket. It is one of the best devices to capture pictures, especially when you are going out for an outdoor activity, travel expedition and while playing sports.

roam e flying drone

This little drone is easy to fly. You just have to fling it in the air and it will start hovering at a user defined distance. The device can be paired with both iOS and Android device. The Roam-e drone, which uses the face recognition technology, has the capacity to detect the user from a distance of 82 feet, and then it uses the Follow Me tracking function to keep the user in the shot.

Another significant feature of Roam-e is that it does not need a controller, once you have done the facial recognition on the phone, you simply have to set the Roam-e to follow and the device will automatically follow you at the prescribed distance; it is tethered to your face.

roam e self stick

The camera on the device sits on a single-axis gimbal and it shoots pictures with its 5MP camera that also has the capacity to record and stream videos to the mobile device to which the selfie stick is synced to it. However, the exact resolution with which the camera records video is not known yet. Another significant feature that would surely please all the adventure junkies is the ability of the drone to run on swappable batteries and not to mention, it takes only two hours to recharge the battery.

roame stick

In the past few years, we have seen or at least heard of several drones that have been designed to make clicking selfies easy and more intuitive. Right from the device that flies off the wrist, Nixie to the palm-sized Zano we have seen it all but the Roam-e promises to be better than all these devices invented before.

Much hype has been built around the launch of the device and with a price tag of US $250, it will be interesting to see how it will be received by the customers.

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