Reliance Will Penalise You For Returning The Jio Phone Early

by October 1, 2017

Reliance announced the Jio 4G feature phone in July. The company said that it is a free device as you only have to deposit Rs 1500 as a refundable security amount. Ambanis promised that the money will be returned at the end of your three-year contract period. The offer surely looks enticing to an average consumer, but there is more to it than meets the eye. We advise you to read the following terms and conditions before you take the plunge.

As per the official website, to keep the Jio Phone activated, customers are required to recharge at least Rs 1500 per year. This translates to a total minimum of Rs 4500 over the course of the three-year contract. Failing to do so you lose out on your security deposit and there are some penalties on top of it.

If you end up disliking the Jio Phone, you can’t simply chuck it. Reliance has sneaked in penalties in the return policy. Any user who wishes to return the device within the first year of the term will lose his security deposit of Rs 1500. He will also have to pay applicable GST or other taxes. Likewise, users who return the device before the completion of the second year term have to shell out Rs 1000 and GST or other taxes. Customers failing to complete the third year term would be charged Rs 500 and the applicable GST or other taxes in addition.

Also to be noted is that if the company detects unused phones during this period, it reserves the right to ask the customer to return the device.