Reliance Jio all set to destroy every other cell phone company!

by January 13, 2017
4G VoLTE-enabled phones For Everyone


There was a time when network providers would send us hefty bills and charge a penny for every page you opened. We lived in fear of accidentally opening the browser. This phase was followed by the 3G and then the 4G speed data that still cost us a lot. For a lot of these network providers, their world (metaphorically) and value in the market (literally) came crashing down when Reliance Jio launched its network with incredible calling and internet schemes providing free 1GB Data per day accompanied by its super-fast 4G speed.

After its successful entry into the Mobile network market, Reliance Jio is all set to take over the mobile phone manufacturers too. To make the country more digitised and provide network all over so that people can stay connected, Reliance Jio plans to launch 4G phones with VoLTE technology at a price ranging from 999-1,500 INR Only.

Reliance jio cheapest 4G phone


These extremely low-cost phones will be accompanied by their free voice calling services and other features. These smartphones are expected to be powered by Reliance Jio and could become a means to promote Jio’s set of apps including Jio Chat, Live TV, JioMoney, etc. At present 4G phones with VoLTE technology are available from a minimum starting price of approximately 4,000 INR. A drop from 4,000 to 1,500 will significantly increase the number of mobile phone customers. This paired with Jio’s free voice calling and internet schemes could become a huge drawback for a lot of smartphone manufacturers, especially those belonging to the budget phone segment.

Reliance jio 4G phone for 999


To keep up with the Government’s recent endeavour to promote digital transactions, Jio’s mobile wallet JioMoney is also expected to gain popularity. The 4G VoLTE smartphones are anticipated to have both, a front and rear camera. The expected growth in the smartphone market may take a hit this year. The government’s move for demonetization followed by Jio’s strategic move could disrupt the smartphone market and steal a lot of customers from other mobile phone giants in India.

Jio feature phone for 999


Last year Reliance Jio was one of the top 5 smartphone vendors in the third quarter. Despite the fact that a lot of people have not been able to make use of Jio’s schemes since the VoLTE technology is not available for low budget smartphones, Reliance made a huge impact on the market. With the launch of these smartphone, there could be a sudden increase in Reliance Jio’s customer base.

Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone 999


There has been no news regarding the timeline for when these low-budget VoLTE 4G-enabled smartphones will be available in the market. Keeping in the mind that the Reliance Jio New Year Offer which provides free calls and data services, is valid only up to the 31st of March, Reliance may soon launch these low budget phones to make sure all its customers can enjoy its free services and features before the scheme expires.

In case you’re about to buy a smartphone soon, you might want to wait till the prices take a hit!