Quest for Thrilling Adventure ends with these Top 6 Action Android Games

Quest for Thrilling Adventure ends with these Top 6 Action Android Games

Quest for Thrilling Adventure ends with these Top 6 Action Android Games

by November 28, 2014

Man-Jumping-From-ExplosionRecently bought a new Android phone and looking out for the best action games to download? Well, you must have been briefed by many of your friends and counterparts on the best ones available…. Nevertheless, we bring an updated list of top action Android games which have been well received in large number in terms of downloads and reviews too!!


Don the role of the ultimate contract killer, none other than Jack Griffin and set about fulfilling your killer contracts. Offering you an array of sniper contracts, set about killing the targets though long shots or melee attacks, make sure you play smart yet safe. Combat wit h enemies across the streets, tackle sudden ambushes or work your way through enemy lines and effectively defuse bombs too. Embark upon on long range assassinations using silencer or use cover to attack your enemies unaware while you are capably armed with body armor and other state of art weapon kit.


A 3D action thriller as Angry Birds and Transformers collide with each other. Let the action begin as alien Angry Birds aka AUTOBIRDS deal with crazy robots that are nothing but eggs that have transformed due to the EggSpark and believe it or not, they are out to devastate the Piggy Island. Look out for heroes Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee and more equipped with lasers and become cars too. For more action packed rivalry, AUTOBIRDS patch up with their bitter enemies the DECEPTIHOGS to save their Piggy Island. Oh yes!! Collect, destroy, vehicles, upgrade, tag team and much more as you embark upon an exciting Angry Birds Transformer adventure… Sure to leave you breathless.


Love FPS hunting games? Check out the Deer Hunter which takes you across the ravines of the world across Pacific Northwest in North America to hot and dry Savannahs of Central Africa as you hunt out for deer, the slenderest of species….Well, with other wild animals such cheetahs, bears, hyenas and more emerging from their hideouts, you have to be more alert than ever. And as you dig deep into the dense environments, arm yourself better with more stock, barrels and ammunition. It’s an open season always …. When are you a game?


Join the Marvel comic hero, none other than Spiderman to combat the new Sinister Six across the multi dimensional portals they have created. Begin with recruiting an army of Spider Men and Spider Women who will strive to destroy each dimension. Explore 3 new dimension through which you can swing, run and fight. This is not all, web swing, climb walls and diver across the sky space too. Tackle multiple variations of each hero and most of the iconic characters which existing across a span of 50 years of the existence of Spiderman as you set out to destroy each of the Sinister Six across their multi dimensional portals.


Its time you lead the World War 2 and fight for France with the battle scene set against the countryside of Normandy. Under your dynamic leadership, let your soldiers storm the beaches, free the towns and even the trenches as you push back the intruders from this French countryside. With a choice of 5 varied campaigns spread over 145 mission option across beach landings – Omaha, Gold, Utah, Sword, Juno armed with weaponry tackling the enemy holds proves even more challenging. Packed with powerful arsenal across an array of weapons prevalent during the World War 2, it’s time you defeat them all with classic rifles, machine guns and more.


Love action but how about building a strategy before you actually perform them? Yes, Clash of Clans is all about intelligent action gaming. Begin with setting up your own village and then proceed to fight with millions of players online but only after you have rigorously trained your troops to win the combat. And your army could be include Barbarians, Wizards and even Dragons apart from bands of fierce soldiers. Stage fights against rival Clans in epic Clan wars – either you join other clans or set out on your own. With nearly 183 unique and many levels of upgrades on the offer, fighting wars could be the ultimate challenge. Along with your army, seek the support of bombs, traps, walls, towers, cannons and more while you are likely to get caught unawares by surprise attacks, spells and reinforcements from other Heroes and Clans. There’s the Goblin King to battle against …. And this battle promises to be an epic one!! So get ready to strategize and plan your epic battle….

Though recently launched, these action Android games have become very popular amongst gaming addicts. You too, could download a couple of them and spend a thrilling action packed session or two with these games.