Quantum ‘Break’ into Gaming Mood

by April 6, 2016
quantum break release

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It would be no surprise if your child or your best friend makes his favourite gaming device his second living room for the next few days at least. Already, there has been a lot of hype and buzz around the arrival of Quantum Break, which hit the market yesterday. So, if you have been planning a boy trip or planning to spend your vacation evening with your best buddy doing outdoor activities, brace yourself, you may feel disappointed as your friend may not want to part away with his/her Xbox One.

Apart from just timing the launch perfectly, the release of Quantum Break has been in the news for several other reasons. It is the first time that Microsoft has tried a few new things that could potentially change the face of the gaming in the future. Yet again, as a part of the launch strategy, Microsoft is giving away two FREE titles that were originally released on the Xbox 360.

quantum break

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Talking about the game itself, it surely gives you an experience like you have never had before, in terms of its striking visual effects, time travel powers and live action TV episodes. It blurs the line between the TV and the gameplay and provides a unique, seamless and immersive sci-fi experience. The action-packed fast paced game takes on a thrilling gaming ride, giving you the ability to bend and shape time in your quest to survive.

quantum break in action

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While you try to survive, you can even master some unique power to outwit the enemy and even bask in the glory for masterminding the epic destruction of the enemies. You will don the role of the hero, Jack Joyce and you would have to fight your way through several disasters even as you stutter back and forth in time.

quantum break xbox game

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Plunge into a dramatic story

A time experiment has failed, which leaves Jack Joyce (you) to pick up the pieces and as he fights to save time, he must simultaneously fight the ruthless security corporation, which is led by his old friend turned foe, Paul Serene.

xbox one quantum break

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Amplified Combat Experience

As you make your way from the enemies, you can lead Jack to freeze the time and get an upper hand over the opponents; you can even turn the time frozen objects into weapons with just a single touch. Adding more thrill to the gaming experience is with time being twisted, the combat becomes even more unpredictable and intriguing.

quantum break gameplay

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Make your way through destruction

As time collapses around you, it is inevitable that you face some stuttering moments in your escape journey. The stutter can strike you with a vengeance and cause the most epic disaster; you need to be on your toes all the time to tackle these catastrophes and make your way out before falling victim.