Prynt – The smartphone case that lets you print your selfie

Prynt – The smartphone case that lets you print your selfie

Prynt – The smartphone case that lets you print your selfie

by November 19, 2014

pryntWhile everybody has been going crazy over selfies and high camera resolution Smartphones, we tell you how to click a selfie and also print it! Well, yes, a wide range of recently launched Smartphones lets you print your selfies as you click them. New Smartphone case can print your selfie within a few seconds!

Polaroid-type Smartphone Case

A French mobile company has recently launched a Polaroid-type Smartphone case that can print selfies from your phone itself that too within seconds after clicking. A French start-up called Prynt recently presented a Smartphone case which has a pre-loaded printer. The printer has been connected to the phone via Bluetooth and is capable of producing a photo within 50 seconds. The developers say that as of now only a piece of paper can fit in the device, but they are planning to re-design the phone in such a way that it manages to fit around 30 sheets of papers.


The Polaroid-type phone case has been priced at $99 (approx. INR 6,000)

Compatible Devices

The Polaroid style case has been designed for smartphones with 4-inch size and the company is now having plans to make the cases for larger devices such as iPhone6, Samsung Galaxy Note etc.

To the extreme amusement of the selfie crazy photo maniacs, this case will be a sure shot buy. The French company has hit the chord perfectly and captured the consumer demand in a smarter way! Clicking a selfie and getting to print it as well, is an ultimate treat to all the users. The app has just magically managed to bring the selfies to ‘life’. This means that users will definitely welcome the app as they are actually fond of playing around with the images and adding advancements for a better view.

(Video Courtesy : TechCrunch / Youtube)

The Prynt App

If the users are clicking selfies using the Prynt App, it records the video of the moment and tracks the selfie in that moment. The app will virtually turn your image into a video that you can view. Basically, when you hold up the physical photo in your phone’s camera while the app is on, it is overlaid with a Play button which views a video in a place of the selfie. The company has been working on the new case and is planning to launch it in Indian markets by the beginning of 2015.


35PrynttopJPGHowever, we can also expect a few more advancements along with the selfie print. Perhaps, a fun app to edit the selfie in different ways by adding effects and color shades, etc.

Considering the consumers growing interest in higher resolution cameras and clicking selfies, the French company decided to start-up a niche segment product to capture the target audience. The in-built printer app in the phone has been the first of its kind and hence will be surely welcomed by large number of users.

On the other hand now, let’s check out the best Smartphones which are apt for selfies! Of course they shall be having a good resolution shutters. Oppo, HTC Desire Eye, Lenovo Vibe, iPhone 5S, Xiaomi RedMi and a few more. So if you are planning to get that selfie smartphone for yourself do check the prices in Indian markets and make a purchase during online festivals such as GOSF or during festive seasons. Get your favourite gadgets and electronics at best prices during these seasons.

So all you photo freaks and enthusiastic gadgets savvy people gear up and get ready for the many more advanced inventions and technological amusements as they are sure to tickle your desire. The smartphones market these days have been buzzing with a wide range of newly launched gadgets and electronics in Indian as well as International markets.

With this new Polaroid-type Smartphone case invention we can expect a lot more advancements in the field of mobiles and smartphones! Stay tuned here to get all the latest updates on the gadget markets.