Project Scorpio: The BIG Microsoft Xbox Project

Project Scorpio: The BIG Microsoft Xbox Project

Project Scorpio: The BIG Microsoft Xbox Project

by April 30, 2017
Project Scorpio: The BIG Microsoft Xbox Project

Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox are two gaming consoles that were always seen competing with each other for a bigger share of user base. These two major players are dominant in the gaming market, and no other product comes close. But for quite a while, it was seen that Microsoft had a hard time competing with the amazing spec sheet of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Consoles. So Microsoft is launching its own console – Project Scorpio. This console will be the perfect amalgamation of all latest and greatest technologies- including VR, 4K, and HDR. This product is already being called the next generation of gaming products and rightfully so.

What is Project Scorpio?

It is the latest gaming console to be launched by Microsoft Xbox family. It will have the latest technologies which will help gamers experience the next level gaming experience with 4K and Virtual Reality technology. Scorpio will add considerable muscle to Xbox 1, thus making it the most powerful gaming console to date.

How much will it cost?

The company hasn’t revealed specific details like price right now. It will be made public during the launch of the product in June 2017.

The console is making huge news because the builders have promised that it will contain four times the graphical advancements than the entire Xbox range. That’s a pretty huge promise to deliver upon, so gamers are really excited about its launch. Some of the features that will adorn Scorpio include –

1. Unmatched processing power: As compared to the 4.1 TFlops processing power of PS 4 Neo, the Xbox Scorpio will have 6 TFlops

2. Better chip number: The chips would be four-shader engines, which is double the amount in Xbox.

3. CPU: The CPU will have eight x86 cores split into two clusters, much like Xbox One and PS4 Pro. However what makes Scorpio stand apart is its raw processing powers – a hefty 2.3 GHz as compared to 2.1 GHz of PS2

4. GPU: 40 compute units at 1172 MHz for Scorpio, higher than the 36 compute units of PS4 Pro at 911MHz

5. Memory: It has a 128GB memory compared to a mere 8 GB of PS 4 Pro

The game is said to be able to support 60 frames in a second, which is higher than all games available in the market. All Xbox games can be played on Scorpio, and their quality will be improved by the console.

The most important selling point of the game would be the virtual reality. As Microsoft doesn’t build its own headsets, it will probably tie up with VR companies like Oculus Rift. The names of the partners are to be revealed during the launch of the products.

To conclude

Xbox Scorpio has been announced at the perfect time so that it can keep up with the competitors and the customers will have enough time to collect the information they need to decide on the gaming product that they can purchase. The announcement has already created a substantial digital buzz and gamers are eagerly waiting for Microsoft to launch Xbox Scorpio.