PopSlate Lightening Adds A Second Screen to your iPhone.

PopSlate Lightening Adds A Second Screen to your iPhone.

PopSlate Lightening Adds A Second Screen to your iPhone.

by April 25, 2015
popslate lightening iphone case

What’s the one thing that today’s techno savvy crowd changes at the drop of a hat, a change that reflects their mood or something that complements their fashion? It’s their mobile phone cases of course. The mobile case has become as much a fashion statement as a new phone over the last few years. So you show off your stamp collection or your wardrobe to visitors? Add your mobile case collection to that list. But what if you could constantly change your phone cover, without actually changing it? As confusing at is sounds, this very statement is now a reality, thanks to PopSlate’s Lightning e-ink iPhone 6 back cover. This really cool iPhone cover houses an e-ink display at the back which can show off any image you send to it for as long as you like. Now isn’t that seriously cool?

popslate e ink display

So how exactly does it work? It’s simple really. The iPhone 6 cover adds a second 4 inch e-ink screen at the back of your phone. Using the in-built Bluetooth chip, users can beam any image from their phone to the cover and display it on the e-ink screen at the back. The screen is a low power 240 x 400 resolution display that features images in 16 shades of grey. The cover also includes a storage chip that can store 8 images at a time, which you can cycle through using a button on the side.

how popslate lightening case works

On the software side, an app is required to make things work. Just charge the phone cover, install the PopSlate app on your iPhone 6, insert the phone into the case and pair the two devices using Bluetooth and you are good to go. The app lets you click images using your camera, take screenshots and also select any image from the iOS library. Once an image is selected, simply ‘pop’ it up to the case using the ‘Pop’ button in the app.

popslate backscreen

To make things interesting socially, the app lets you see what other PopSlate users have popped to their cases and lets you use these images. Once you beam out an image to your case, it is included in a constantly updated social feed that all PopSlate users can see. Such a cover is sure to make a fashion statement, but what it really fulfills is a great functional use. You can beam out to-do lists, boarding passes, e-tickets and shopping lists for quick access without using up your iPhone’s battery. Even when your battery is dead, you can use the e-ink screen to display important images in crunch situations.

popslate social

All this is very interesting from a technological or innovative standpoint. But what’s the downside? It’s the design, fellow techies. The phone case is a little bulky and adds to the slim iPhone’s waistline. However, since this is the first iteration of the phone case, we must be hopeful that the company

Improves their design philosophy and brings out a cover that is sleek and adds weightless. A good first step, PopSlate, but bring out the next case!

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