Apping the Ante: Pinterest Vs. Instagram

Apping the Ante: Pinterest Vs. Instagram

Apping the Ante: Pinterest Vs. Instagram

by September 6, 2017
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Digital Marketers and SEO and SEM Executives promote their company’s business on various social media platforms. They make use one of the most influential social media platforms to see which app would up the ante: which had more in it to best meet the demands and needs of a company looking for publicity. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are mostly used, but let us not forget the other two powerful options — Instagram and Pinterest. What would you have chosen had you been in their place?

The pros and the cons seem to be fairly strong for all these social media apps. But if you are to choose either Pinterest or Instagram, which one will you opt for? Well, at first glance, both of them look similar, but they both differ a lot and may be as different as chalk and cheese. So, let us subject these two apps to an intense gaze and see which will crumble and which will still be left standing. The two rivals have a lot to offer, which means that much more strength in the user’s hands.

Instagram: A Short Description

Instagram is an exclusively mobile application which one can use only on their smartphone. It can access photos from the desktop or computer, however, but the user can upload and share photos only through the mobile phone. Instagram facilitates the creation of short videos of up to 15 seconds a make-it-yourself app that puts one in charge. It is a powerful social platform where brands and individuals share their photos, visual experiences, and stories. It is possible to create funny, interesting, impressive and exclusive marketing pieces with Instagram for the user to etch their brand into the memories of their clientele. These little cameos can be outstanding making permanent impressions in their minds.

Pinterest – A Short Description

Pinterest is available both on the web and as a mobile application, which facilitates the bookmarking of information from various websites. This happy flexibility offers the user more variety and saves time. One can collect ‘pins’ into customized categories, called ‘boards.’ With Pinterest, it is possible to upload photos and videos from the desktop as well as the mobile phone. It offers the option of redirecting the ‘pins’ to another website. It is a platform where one can curate the content which one wishes to use to promote their business.

An Analysis of Variance

There are several benefits of using Instagram and Pinterest, each unique to the one or the other, depending on the need or usage. Here is a list of the differences between the two that can strike the potential user. They are well worth a patient look.

1. Finding the Right one in terms of Usability

Instagram is more user-friendly as it allows the user to share and upload pictures from the mobile phone. It can even offer a list of filters which can be applied and added to a caption to share the image on various social networking platforms. Everything can be so quick and such a cinch that it seems perfect as it shares one’s personal experiences and events about the brands that one may want to follow, and want others to check.

Pinterest, on the other hand, allows one to remain focused on identifying and curating quality content. It can manifest itself as being more like a search engine that pulls up the content, DIYs, tips, recipes, and other services that one wants to share with their clientele, and this is an ability of the app which appears unique and appealing to most people. Pinning content from other sites by creating visually attractive boards becomes a delight, a sheer pleasure. Richer variety in content translates into more views, and a richer, more profitable company.

Result of the Contest: Draw

2. Knowing Thy Target Audience

A survey by an online technical magazine, showed that the majority of Pinterest users are female — a whopping 75%, to be more accurate, the biggest gender-based difference on any social platform with a bias towards women. So, if there is a need to reach out to the female audience, then Pinterest can be the best place to consider for business.

On the other hand, Instagram is a popular platform among the global population, irrespective of gender. Moreover, and this is the icing on the cake, there are larger numbers of international audiences on Instagram compared to Pinterest. Instagram allows its users to straddle the world.

Result of the Contest: Draw

3. Uploading Photos

It may be that one wants to post their photos of a vacation on Instagram. But frankly speaking, most of the random clicks may not be good enough. But Instagram can help create stunning and attractive photos in few minutes which can be shared to the public with quiet confidence and evident pride. Even short videos can be posted that can impress the followers.

Turning to Pinterest, it is possible to pin existing photos. Hence, it turns out that the picture-enhancing options on Pinterest are much more ideal for professional use and not for personal use.

The Winner: Instagram

4. Engaging Customers based on Feedback

Ideally, if there is an occasion to diversify and reach larger audiences, it makes a lot of sense to harness with both platforms. Each brings a distinct advantage.

Instagram allows more space to ask for comments, feedbacks, and suggestions.

On the other hand, in Pinterest, affords a very small space where one can just write a brief about interior design. However, it is possible to pin photographs of the concept designs and projects delivered to clients.

The Winner: Instagram

5. Sharing Links

After a successful customer-engagement strategy, one may think of using links to redirect traffic to their website. Here, Pinterest runs away with laurels in what is a one-horse race. While there is limited space in Instagram to direct people to a specific link, Pinterest offers a plethora of it. Every ‘pin’ on this platform is a link to another website, source, image, or any other external site. It truly broadens your world. One can use it extensively to promote business and generate traffic for their site. Chances are that Pinterest offers a dream improvement of SEO rankings.

Instagram offers limited space to direct people to the website. Hence, it can be argued that Instagram would not be a great platform if there is a proposal to use links to promote business and increase the SEO rankings.

The Winner: Pinterest

6. Tagging through Hashtags

Including hashtags in posts is one advantage that can be of great use as it increases the chances of being found by the potential users of one’s products and services. Here, both Instagram and Pinterest are at par. But they differ in terms of the sheer number of links. With Instagram, the user can introduce almost thirty hashtags with a post and while Pinterest permits a bare two hashtags, and that is about it.

Result of the Contest: Draw

7. Targeting Potential Customers

A person in the apparel business, for example, who is always hunting for customers with taste and preferences that match their products would use both Pinterest and Instagram, but Instagram worked better for them. This was because it is possible to find customers easily with specific tastes. Most of the customers on this platform prefer searching for specific products and services and are not interested in casting their nets wider.

Pinterest advertising is not that specific and precise in its range of clientele and is an excellent choice when there is a need to promote business among a wider and generic audience. If this is what is needed, then it is possible to plan accordingly and make a choice between the two.

Result of the Contest: Draw

8. Placing the Post in a Chronological Order

The results on Pinterest are not displayed in chronological order. Pinterest is designed with a few features that are similar to some other social platforms and ends up creating a sense of deja vu, perhaps.

Instagram is a better option if there is a need to display the results in chronological order. Individuals following a product on Instagram will be able to see the content only after it has been posted. Hence, the photos or posts have to be displayed in chronological order, which makes it easier for users to identify and check the latest posts first — the happy situation of being at the winning line rather than running along all through.

The Winner: Instagram

9. Putting up an Advertisement

Facebook owns Instagram, and so any efforts can seamlessly extend into a large pool of audience in a ridiculously short timeframe. Instagram also allows checking out the extra information and to advertise it exclusively with a link-back button to the website convenient and time saving. An online news article purports to show that there are almost 300 million users on Instagram and most of them are a multinational audience.

As mentioned earlier, a major part of users on Pinterest from the U.S. market — around 45 million, to give a more precise number. So if the goal is to promote business in foreign markets, then Pinterest is the prime choice that can provide the greatest deals.

The Winner: Instagram

10. Promoting through Contests and Story Telling

Themed boards are the tools on Pinterest which is used to prepare impressive and attractive stories for promoting business. Customers are always looking for something unique and different. With Pinterest one was able to curate engaging videos, stories, and advertising pieces including promotions and contests. The results can be awesome!

There are innumerable users who promoted their company with Instagram using even the most unexpected opportunities, including vacations. This is because, with Instagram, it is possible to create short videos, photos, and quick messages which are informative and entertaining, all at the same time. The response can be surprisingly good!

The Winner: Pinterest

After a detailed and close study of Pinterest and Instagram there are some evident conclusions based on statistical evidence.

The number of users between the ages of 18–30 years is 34% on Pinterest and 53% on Instagram.

The numbers of users between the ages of 31 – 50 years is 29% on Pinterest and 26% on Instagram.

The numbers of users between the ages of 51 – 65 is 28% on Pinterest and 12% on Instagram.

The Deciding Factor

Listed above are some of the major differences between Instagram and Pinterest. Both these platforms excel in one way or the other and have their pros and cons. While one way to decide between the two is to use them as per one’s requirements at that point in time, another positive way is that you can use both of them in order to avail of innumerable benefits for a business and its revenue. Pinterest and Instagram can be used for business promotion as well as for sharing personal experiences. The results are normally delightful. It is worth trying to see how they work for to promote business! Double the chances of winning by making the two work in tandem.

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