Piaggio Showcases Its First Electric Vespa Scooter

by November 9, 2017

Vespa brand is quite popular for its classy two-wheelers. Owned by the Italian automobile company Piaggio, Vespa stands out with its unique take on retro designs rehashed for the modern times. And with electric vehicles being the future of the transport, the company has unveiled the Vespa Elettrica project.

This electric scooter is targeted at people living in congested cities with massive populations. To cut down the carbon emission in these cities, Piaggio has developed an electric engine that will replace the conventional ones that emit poisonous gasses.

Piaggio group has been improving the electric motors since mid-seventies. It is not surprising that it is now investing in the electric future. The group decided to choose the Vespa brand to rollout the new electric scooter because global appeal.

The company claims that the Elettrica will be as good as any other Vespa in terms of style, agility, ease of use, and riding comfort. At this point, the Italian company has not shared any details regarding the launch date and pricing.