Tips from 8 Famous Photographers for brilliant clicks

by August 1, 2015
tips from famous photographers


It is an unsaid rule that whenever you come across a rainbow, you are supposed to capture its beauty on your camera. Or when you are out with friends and need to save some memories. Amateurs or pros, all of us have a photographer in us, who wishes to capture the glory of nature, a candid moment with family, a rockstar performing on stage, or simply the first smile of a newborn baby… We have the passion, the zeal, the idea, the props, the lighting, but what most of us lack when it comes to photography, is the art of it, the finer details that make a picture, a masterpiece. However, don’t be dismayed as listed below are some of the most profound beliefs of some famous photographers about the art of photography that can serve as tips for every novice photographer:-

Alec Soth

alec soth dog days bogota

A random photograph clicked by Alec Soth


For this Magnum photographer, being in love with the subject is the most important and unless you are happy with your subject and love the process of photography, the discomfort comes across in the picture.

Donovan Wylie

donovan wylie northern island

Northern Ireland, South Armagh, Golf 40, South west view clicked in 2006 by Donovan Wylie


Enjoy what you photograph, don’t go looking for pictures, is the advice this Magnum photographer has to give. He believes that a photographer needs to be ready to be hit by a topic, a subject… something that can arise from anywhere.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri cartier bresson soviet union

Photo clicked by Henri Cartier-Bresson when he visited the Soviet Union in 1954


World renowned for his compositions, Henri Cartier-Bresson used to rely on his instincts to get his pictures right. Thus, a tip every photographer should follow is to follow their gut to get that picture that makes them go speechless.

Ansel Adams

ansel adams merced river

One of the famous photos clicked by Ansel Adams at Half Dome, Merced River during Winters in 1938


The Master of black and white understood the importance of the photographer’s position, where he or she needed to stand to take the perfect picture. A handy tip is to acquaint yourself with the surrounding so that you know from where you will get just the “right” frame.

David Alan Harvey

david alan harvey national geographic magazine

David Alan Harvey clicked this photo for National Geographic Magazine


Harvey ensures that his every photo speaks a story. For him, a photographer is an author, someone who clicks a tale, or maybe the reality, but always a story. So next time you wish to capture an image, ensure that it speaks to the audience…

Nick Danziger

nick danziger maha kumb mela

Nick Danziger clicked this photo at Maha Kumb Mela, India


This documentary photographer believes that shots taken in natural light reflect the subject the best. He also suggests using photo enhancing tools like Photoshop sparingly.

Bob Martin

Bob martin tracey miles

Tracey Miles seems to fly over the city of Barcelona in this photo clicked by Bob Martin that marked an era


Being a sports photographer, Martin advises the photographer to ensure that the subject is big enough in the frame, and to preemptive what happens next for the best shot.

Roseanne Pennella

roseanne pennella egypt

Alexandria, Egypt market clicked by Roseanne Pennella


A Travel Photographer, Pennella emphasises on the need to check all four edges of the frame before taking a shot. An unnecessary detail, something that doesn’t fit right has the potential to ruin an excellent picture. She advises to focus on the four corners as well as the centre before you start clicking.

Now that you know how the pros do it, go take some fine shots and make the photographer in you proud…