Photography Tip: Click Magical photos by using ‘Prism’

Photography Tip: Click Magical photos by using ‘Prism’

Photography Tip: Click Magical photos by using ‘Prism’

by September 20, 2015

what is prisming photography

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Heard about the prisming technique in photography? Though not too popular, the technique is widely used in photography with an intention to render more creative effects to photos.

The transparent glass figure, known to refract light, is capable of creating stunning effects, thereby making your shots look much more impressive. Some photographers prefer using other alternatives such as mirrors and smartphones to attain a similar result. However, a prism is traditionally known to be quite close to perfection.

So, in case you plan to use the prisming technique in your photography, here is a short guide.

prisming technique

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Choose the right prism

While you will be operating the camera in one hand, the prism will be handled by the other. Therefore, it is important to select the right size. Ensure that the one you pick is not larger than the size of your camera lens. One that feels comfortable in your hand is the right one.

A 6-inch prism would do the trick for you. But, if you think you need one that’s slightly bigger by an inch or two, go for it. It is only after experimenting that you can get the most desirable results.

sam hurd photography

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Sam Hurd Photography

For how long has ‘Prisming’ been around?

The technique has been used for quite a while now, and is not more than 4 years old. The credit goes to a Washington D.C. based wedding photographer named Sam Hurd. It was in 2012 that the technique was first used. Hurd realized that the photos clicked using prisming looked more natural.

using prism for photography

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How to Use a Prism?

To be honest, the prisming technique is a lot more than just holding the prism in front of the lens. Also, chances are that your fingers might get in the way of the shot, thereby disrupting the entire image.

prisming photography techniques

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Moreover, it is important to know about the direction of the light source in order to be able to rightly position the prism.

Here is a simple tip. Turn a prism to its side and hold it in front of the lens in the direction of the light. This produces stunning triangular flares that greatly compliment your image. Now, that’s one of the findings by Hurd. You can surely experiment with the prism. Who knows? You may come across an amazing technique that you might want to share with the world.

prisming photography

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While selecting the right sized prism is highly crucial, it is also equally important to choose the right camera lens. 24mm wide-angle lens seem to work the best. In terms of brand, you might want to go with Nikon, Canon or Sigma.

click photos using prism

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Why not use image-editing software?

No doubt, numerous image-editing tools can add the most stunning effects to your images. But, if you are on a tight budget, buying expensive software may not seem a wise thing to do. Moreover, lack of expertise in using the software, may keep you far from getting the right results. So, why not use ‘prisming’ when you can get the same effects without wanting you to fiddle around with any kind of software applications?