by January 21, 2016
compareraja group buying

All of us have heard of deals and discounts but how many of us can claim to know of group deals? A fairly new concept in India, group deals are effective ways of getting deals. Read on to know more about such deals on CompareRaja…

If you’re wondering how to participate in such a deal, it’s quite simple. View the details of the product and the deal you’re interested in, and if you want it, click on “book now by paying Rs.25” to book it for when it goes live. When the Group Deal has the required number of committed buyers, the deal goes live. Oh, and if you think that because it’s a “group” deal you need to get your friends, family, or colleagues to join it with you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that no, that’s not how it works. These other ‘committed buyers’ are individuals who want the deal just like you.

Once the deal is active, CompareRaja usually has a white pigeon deliver a message to notify you. However, since the PETA might find that objectionable now, you will instead receive a notification from CompareRaja via an email and SMS. Once you click on the payment link included in the email, you will be redirected to the product’s page from where you can buy the product. You may want to keep an eye on your ‘Spam’ folder in case the notification gets directed there. All the products are delivered for free. Also, if you would like to know about any warranty or guarantee as associated with the product, you can check out the merchant’s website or product website for these details.

Now, you might wonder what happens if you get all excited about a deal, commit, but the deal doesn’t get the required committed buyers. In such a case, the procedure to refund the booking amount is started within 5 working days. The amount is credited to the account you used to pay. Furthermore, CompareRaja is quite considerate when it comes to you missing out on any of its amazing deals; if you have missed some deal, you can select the option of ‘Join the waiting list’ on the website against your desired product. When this list hits 100, CompareRaja will get you the deal back!

On occasion, you may change your mind about buying the product. In such a scenario, you may opt out of the deal but you will not receive the Rs.25 booking amount back. Also, if you fail to pay the deal amount within ten days of it going live, you lose your booking amount of Rs.25 and not get the deal.

Now that you know how easy it is to grab so much for so less, get cracking on the great Group Deals on CompareRaja! Check out the latest group deals here