Panasonic Introduced A Range Of Smart ACs In India, Pricing Starts At ₹35,990

Panasonic Introduced A Range Of Smart ACs In India, Pricing Starts At ₹35,990

Panasonic Introduced A Range Of Smart ACs In India, Pricing Starts At ₹35,990

by February 25, 2020

With a range of smart features including auto-temperature and remote access, Panasonic launched a range of air conditioners in India. The AC units are split ones with IoT-enabled and inverter compressors. At the launch event, the business head of the Air Conditioning group, Panasonic India, said that their extensive research revealed that consumers now want the products that can make their lives easier, and for that 81% are even willing to pay extra. In view of further democratizing the tech world, Panasonic is offering a range of connected ACs in the same conventional split AC price bracket, he added.

Panasonic Smart ACs: Specs and features

This latest range from Panasonic will function through the Miraie app, an AI-based venture. The company also claims that these latest ACs will also cater to purified air, all thanks to the Nanoe-G tech that annihilates PM 2.5 flecks and bacterias along with many other pollutants. Panasonic is also bundling a plethora of smart features such as customizable sleep feature. It will allow you to create different profiles and then preset temperature according to weekends and weekdays.


There will also be a feature called Auto-Diagnosis. It will alert users of any upcoming problem. The Miraie app will also let users place a service request or complaint and the Best Mode recommendation feature will tell you the settings needed in certain weather or a particular situation. Through the app, users will also be able to control the on/off function, fan speed, temperature setting, and switch between modes. The app will also send notifications regarding the service requests and will also let you manage e-warranties. All these features can also be operated through voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Pricing and availability

With many more appliances to be added, Panasonic’s Connected AC range is the first to come with Miraie integration. The pricing is also very aggressive with the base variant priced at ₹35,990.