Ozon Gesture Ring – ‘Ring’ it To Control Your Smart Devices

Ozon Gesture Ring – ‘Ring’ it To Control Your Smart Devices

Ozon Gesture Ring – ‘Ring’ it To Control Your Smart Devices

by October 11, 2015

They said, ‘Bigger is better’, put this statement into the technological perspective and you would realize, the adage probably is from the ‘Stone Age’. The modern adage that is ruling the roost is ‘Smaller is Easier’. Think about it for a second, hasn’t the current day technological innovations shrunken the size of the devices, look at all those wearable and pocket devices that have become the order of the day. A Smart Watch, a Pocket-Sized Washing machine, such gadgets which would have been hard to even imagine until a decade ago are now a reality. An emphatic testament to shrinking sizes of the devices is the new ‘Ozon Gesture Ring’, an innovative wearable device that lets you control all your devices with simple gestures right off your fingers.

 Source: cnet.com

The Ozon Gesture Ring as the name itself suggests is a Ring that can be worn on your fingers to control the functionalities of the compatible devices. The device developed by Japanese wearable gadget Start-up 16Lab is a Bluetooth gesture controller ring. Earlier in 2014 the company had showed the concept at the CEATEC, which is one of the biggest electronics events in Japan. This year, just ahead of the CEATEC 2015 the company has already bought out the thinner, lighter version of the earlier concept device. Also, the new version of the device is packed with more functions than the earlier version. The company says, it plans to put the development kit on sale soon, although there has been no official word yet about the exact date when it will release in the market.

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Still very much in the early stages of the development, the Ozon ring is a Titanium ring that connects with any device through Bluetooth and NFC. The device has a small touchpad on its surface that you use with your thumb to maneuver around the apps on your device. It also has a small vibration motor for delivering notification and haptic feedback. Another striking feature is that it charges wirelessly and even though it has a tiny batter it still lasts for about 48 hours.

Ozon Smart Ring

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The Ozon Gesture Ring acts pretty similar to a standard HID (Human Input Device), which means that it works like a computer mouse and keyboard, which doesn’t require any special software to function. The best thing about this Ring is that you can connect it to all kinds of devices, be it your Android Smartphone, iOS devices, Mac and Windows computers and even your Windows phone.

By pairing the Ozon Ring with your smartphone you can use it to move the cursor around the screen just like the mouse and you can spell words. This intuitive technology could also be used with your Smart TV to adjust the volume and change channels. However, the ring doesn’t always transmit your motions for that you need to press your thumb on top of the ring and twist your hand to the right or left as you need. It is just like turning your car key on.

Source: cnet.com

Another possible use of this amazing Ring is to pair it up with Apple Watch. Currently the Apple Watch is a two hand device, technically, you use it with one hand but the other hand is occupied wearing the device. This is where Ozon Ring comes into the picture, slip it into your finger and you can scroll through the notifications with one hand.

Tonu Samuel, the CTO of 16Lab suggests that right now it would be too early to suggest the price of the ring but he said that it would be priced anywhere around $700.

The future of technology is here! Only time will tell how the rise of gesture control rings will control the future…Till then, stay tuned for more such amazing future tech.