Orient Vento: A high efficiency gas water heater

Orient Vento: A high efficiency gas water heater

Orient Vento: A high efficiency gas water heater

by November 26, 2017

Many parts of India still lack reliable electricity connection. This is where gas-powered water heaters come into the play. These heaters do not require electricity, hence, can provide you hot water at any time. It is also ideal in cities that face frequent power cuts. Even if your area does not face power cuts often, the gas water heaters have other advantages such as their lower operational cost. The reason is simple. Natural gas is a cheaper source of fuel compared to the electricity in our country. Now that you are warming up to the idea of gas water heaters, you should consider Orient’s latest entry in the category, the Vento geyser. Let us see how it stands against its competition.

Design and Build

Most gas-powered water heaters in the market are quite clunky. These sit like an eyesore in your bathroom. Thankfully, Orient has addressed this issue by streamlining the design. Achieving this is quite a feat considering that a gas water heater accommodates burners, copper coils, and vents. The Orient Vento has a rectangular-shaped body with a focus on clean aesthetics. The device is quite robust too. Looking at the build quality, you get a vibe that this appliance will last for years.

The Orient Vento has three-row burners for swift water heating. It uses copper tubes for efficient heat exchange. In case you were unaware, copper is great at heat conductivity. Like any other gas-powered geyser, it requires to sip in air to facilitate the LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) burn. It has to vent out hot gases generated by the burners. Orient has neatly incorporated the vents into the design without compromising on the aesthetics. The vents are accommodated in the sides to mostly keep it out of your sight. And with precisely cut notches, these vents are good to look at anyway.

This water heater has a distinct control panel that hosts dials for different settings. Highlighted in black, the panel features a knob to control water flow. Using the dial beside it, you can regulate the water temperature as per your needs. Depending on the weather, you can also set the water heater mode to summer and winter. The Vento geyser feeds you the temperature information with its onboard digital display.

Setup and Installation
Geyser installation should always be left to the professionals. With Orient’s wide service network, you don’t have to worry about finding a local plumber or electrician. You can request for installation by simply calling on a toll-free number 1800 103-7574. The gas water heater should ideally be installed near bathroom exhaust window. And this particular model must be installed vertically.

Features and Performance
The Orient Vento has a 6-litre capacity. Just turn it on, and it is ready to provide you with hot water in just a few seconds. As mentioned earlier, you can fine-tune the water flow and temperature using analogue dials. It can heat-up the water for hours without taking a single break. The digital temperature display provides you with a much-needed frame of reference before changing the settings.

Orient does not take the safety lightly. The Vento gas water heater comes with the flame failure safety feature. The water heater comes with variable pressure compatibility. So even if you live in a high-rise building, you don’t have to fret over high-pressure water causing leakage in the water heater. Much like the cut-off safety feature found in the electric water heaters, the gas-based Vento has an auto shut-off function. If you forget to switch off the heater after the bath, the Vento will switch off on its own after 20-minutes.


The Orient Vento GWVN06WPMD PNG (Pipelined Natural Gas) water heater is priced at Rs 5,571. It is available for purchase from Orient’s online store. Considering its price, you get robust build quality and plenty of features. With three burner rows, it instantly heats-up the water. Orient has equipped with proper security measures so that you never have to worry about the safety. What makes the deal even better is that the Vento water heater can complement any modern washroom. The competing geysers may be cheaper, but considering all the aspects, the Orient Vento GWVN06WPMD is a smart choice. Like any Orient water heater, the gas power Vento comes with a 2-year warranty.