LED Battens could be the next big thing in the lighting landscape – Orient Electric

LED Battens could be the next big thing in the lighting landscape – Orient Electric

LED Battens could be the next big thing in the lighting landscape – Orient Electric

by August 22, 2017
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India is making great advances towards becoming an economic superpower. However, we need to carry our entire population together and democratize opportunities till the very last mile. One of the equal opportunity parameters is the availability of electricity. The government’s LED distribution initiative has seen the acceptance and use of LED lamps all over.

The exception here is the tubelight that we are so accustomed to seeing in our homes. The advancements in tubelight are not as desired and we still face the same old problems of starters, bad chokes and the perennially irritating flicker. The bigger problem is that it consumes much more energy than energy efficient LEDs. While this does impact our electricity bills significantly, it also contributes the global warming due to increase in CO2 emissions.

Orient Electric, a household name in India due to its electrical appliances such as fans, has progressively emerged as the third largest manufacturer of LED bulbs in India. Leveraging on its lineage and national footprint, Orient Electric (Orient) has embarked on a larger mission – to educate the Indian customers to move from tubelights to LED battens

Orient has set ambitious targets to help India to become cost-efficient, consume less electricity and to significantly reduce its carbon footprint in the years to come.

How is it cost-efficient?

LED battens by Orient are known for its high lumen efficacy. Lumen efficacy, in laymen terms, is the lumen of light per unit of power consumed.

Orient has taken steps to research and explain this to the customers. The insights derived, which are very informative and thought-provoking, is as below:

Let’s assume a household utilizes at least two conventional tubelights. We will consider the electricity cost of Rs.6 per unit on average for 10 hours per day.

If this household replaces its conventional tubelights with energy efficient LED battens by Orient, the following advantages are accrued:

A total cost saving comes to about Rs. 960.

Total cost savings of about 160 KWh

Reduction in CO2 emissions by 0.06 tons.

There are about 25 Crore houses in India so the total annual cost savings for India would be approximately Rs. 24,000 Crores. It would also mean savings of about 4000 Cr KWh of energy. You can use the energy calculator to check cost and energy saving of switching to LED battens.

This money and energy that is conserved could give a huge fillip to our progress as a nation. It would also mean that we have more energy to light up the houses in the remotest of our villages. The result would be many more opportunities and ubiquitous access. Small scale industries will flourish, and with energy availability, we will also be able to expedite reforms such as “Make in India”. The spiralling effect of such a small change is huge and we all must come together to bring about this change – or should we say revolution?

In addition to this, we will also be able to achieve a reduction in CO2 emission of nearly 15 Crore tons. India emits nearly 7% of the total global CO2 emissions. We have set a target of reducing the CO2 emission to nearly 70% of the 2005 levels by the year 2030.

This small initiative can go a long way in helping us to attain this target.

It has a very visually appealing and aesthetic slim design that adds to the optic appeal of your home. They are, hence, an ideal replacement for conventional tubelights (T12/T8/T5) in your homes as well as in offices and other commercial establishments.

Further, there are a few more advantages over and above the conventional tubelights:

1. Unlike conventional tubelights, you do not have to deal with a starter or choke. Now, get rid of climbing up the walls to remove and replace the starters. Orient LED battens will also save you from the unnecessary discomfort caused by the incessant flicker of the conventional tubelights.

2. Its high quality and high-grade plastic gives a great look and finish and lasts longer

3. The LED batten has a lifespan of over ten years which is way more than the conventional tubelight

4. It has a correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 6500K which is almost like natural sunlight and hence the color emitted by the LED Batten and the black bodies (opaque objects) around it would be identical. This can ensure seamless clarity in the room without any strain to the eyes.

5. It has a very high-power factor which ensures that almost all the power fed to the LED batten is converted to useful energy

6. It’s non-yellowing diffuser ensures constant light dissipation throughout the life of the product

7. As per the requirement of your home or your commercial establishment, it is available in 1ft, 2ft, and 4ft variants

8. It is also available in in 5, 10, 18, 20 and 22 watts