Orient Knight CD7002HR: The Ultimate Air Cooler

Orient Knight CD7002HR: The Ultimate Air Cooler

Orient Knight CD7002HR: The Ultimate Air Cooler

by May 14, 2018

People say that the summers are getting warmer each passing year. You can’t fight the weather, but at least you can get rid of the unpleasant heat in your house with the Orient Knight CD7002HR air cooler. This heavy-duty air cooler from the house of Orient Electric guarantees an unparalleled cooling experience, without harming the environment. So, is the ideal air cooler for your house? Let’s find out.


The Orient Knight stands apart from the rest with its sturdy yet minimalist and functional design., it lacks the elegance of Orient’s Knight air cooler. The Knight has a neat blue-grey and grey colour scheme. A unique feature of this cooler is the use of collapsible coolers that effectively protect the air cooler’s internal parts from dust. Right below that, there’s a 70-litre water tank. Orient has cleverly integrated such a huge tank without adding a bump in design.

The back has a grille design to funnel in the fresh air. The Orient Knight weighs in at 17 kg. Well, it is going to weigh a lot more when loaded with water. But, don’t worry about moving it around the house, as the Knight comes complete with four sturdy castor wheels for easy movement across rooms.


Before commenting on the performance, it is ideal to explain how these air coolers work. The basic principle is quite straightforward. The cooler’s fan draws in the outside hot air. While entering the air cooler, the air passes through the cooling pads. The outside hot air uses its heat energy to evaporate the water. As a result, the air cools down before passing through the front of the cooler.

The Knight features the same fan as that of the Orient Ultimo. The 16-inch fan has an aerodynamically designed AeroFan blade. These angled blades increase the air flow and also reduce the annoying operational noise. The air cooler has air delivery of 3650 cubic metre per hour. It has the air throw distance of 60 feet, which is more than enough to cool down a large room.

Orient Knight uses DenseNest honeycomb cooling pads. These cooling pads are more durable and efficient than aspen ones. The domestic brand claims that its specially designed cooling pads hold 45 percent more water compared to the regular ones. This results in 25 percent better cooling.

To further elevate the cooling comfort, this cooler uses an even water distribution system, which allows effective soaking of cooling pads in short time. As a result, you get quick cooling in lesser time. The cooling pads are continuously fed water from a 70-litre tank. It also has an auto fill feature, which is a must-have given the fact that you would not want to wake up in the middle of the night just to refill the tank.

Since air coolers hold a large quantity of water, they often attract mosquitoes and there are increased chances of mosquitoes breeding inside the tank. With Knight, you don’t have to worry about that. This cooler comes with a solution, which when mixed with water, prevents the mosquito breeding. To tackle the problem of fungi and bacteria, an antibacterial compound has been mixed with the tank resin that prevents formation of bacteria formation on the water surface.

The Orient Knight comes with a fragrance chamber so that you can fill up your room with aroma of your choice. It is also equipped with an ice chamber, which significantly speeds up the cooling process.


Equipped with advanced features, Orient Knight is going to keep your space cool for years to come. Salient features of this powerful cooling machine include Honeycomb pads with DenseNest technology, Auto Fill function, Anti mosquito breeding, anti-bacterial tank, ice chamber, cord winder, motorised louvers, water level indicator, fragrance chamber, and castor wheels among others.


The Orient Knight is ideal for harsh Indian summers. You expect great build quality and performance from Orient, and the Knight does not disappoint. The company has also added nifty features such as ice chamber and fragrance chamber to enhance your cooling experience.

The Orient Knight is priced at Rs 19,990. The company offers 1-year warranty on the product. For queries and assistant, you can reach Orient on 18001037574.