Orient EcoWiz: A Robust and Reliable Storage Water Heater

Orient EcoWiz: A Robust and Reliable Storage Water Heater

Orient EcoWiz: A Robust and Reliable Storage Water Heater

by November 30, 2017

If you are planning to buy an energy efficient storage water heater that can also fit perfectly in small size bathrooms, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will explore the latest horizontal electric water heater from Orient. Dubbed as the EcoWiz, this energy-efficient water heater comes with BEE 4-star rating, which is highest in the horizontal geysers category. Electric water heaters with storage tanks are quite popular with most households. Depending on the number of family members, you can choose between the 15-litre and 25-litre storage capacity. Its pricing starts at Rs 9,190. Let us find out if it is worthy of that.

Design and Build

The Orient EcoWizhas imparts a modern twist to the old-school horizontal tank design. While the outline is retro, the minimalism nods at the modern times. Like most of Orient’s water heater line-up, the EcoWiz comes in timeless classy white. The company has done a great job at achieving symmetry in design. The appliance looks balanced from all the sides. Despite housing a high capacity tank, the EcoWiz does not look clunky at all. Goes without saying that this water heater will look good in modern bathrooms.

Orient EcoWiz has powdered coated rust proof metal body which accounts for its durability and long life.

The heating tank is one of the most important component of a water heater. And Orient knows that very well. The EcoWiz features an Ultra Diamond Glassline tank which prevents corrosion. This water heater can also sustain up to 8 bar water pressure. If you live in a high-rise building, you don’t have to worry about the water pressure causing leakage in the water heater. Orient is quite confident about its engineering prowess and provides a 7-year warranty on the tank.

Orient uses high-quality components for its products. For instance, the EcoWiz comes with an anti-corrosion Magnesium rod, which will be operational for years.


Setup and Instalation

To set up the EcoWiz water heater, you can call Orient’s toll-free number 1800 103-7574. These professionals will take care of the installation. However, as a consumer, it doesn’t hurt to know a few basic things. For starters, the water heater should be installed at the least damp area of the bathroom. It should be installed on a firm wall. Electric wiring should not be left exposed. And this particular model needs to be set up horizontally.


Features and Performance

The EcoWiz is a storage type water heater. This means that you have to turn on the geyser at least 10 minutes before going for a shower. Once it stores enough heated water, you get a steady stream of water. If your bathroom lacks a mixer, you can use the EcoWiz’s thermostat to control the water temperature.

The Orient EcoWiz comes with a multi-functional valve. Forgot to switch-off the geyser? Don’t panic, as this water heater comes with a thermal cut-off feature. This water heater will also keep the electricity bills in check as it come with a 4-star rating from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).


The EcoWiz is available for purchase from Orient’s online store and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Orient EcoWiz with 15-litre capacity is priced at Rs 9,190. If your household has more than three members, you should consider spending a thousand bucks extra for the higher-capacity model with a 25-litre storage tank.