Orient Eco Smart: A Water Heater Ideal For Every Household

Orient Eco Smart: A Water Heater Ideal For Every Household

Orient Eco Smart: A Water Heater Ideal For Every Household

by November 22, 2017

The Orient Eco Smart to water heaters is what LIC is to the world of policy offerings. It comes in a wide variety of choices customized to suit individual needs. The base model of the Eco Smart has a storage capacity of 15 litres, while the top model can store up to a whopping 50 litres of water. No matter what your requirement is, there is a good chance that you will find the right geyser in the Eco Smart line-up. Now, before you hit the purchase link,let us find out what are you getting into.

Design And Build

On a lazy morning, there’s a good chance you will confuse the Eco Smart for a tiny spaceship. The thoughtfully designed bottom shares a resemblance to a rocket. Although the thermostat is a utility, its analogue dial design adds some more character to the aesthetics. As usual, Orient’s branding is understated, which is a very good thing.

Like most of the geysers from Orient’s stable, the Eco Smart has a subtle colour scheme. The company has used white and black. Orient uses top-notch materials for its appliances, and this water purifier is no exception. It features cylindrical metal body, which looks premium. And it hardly has any competition when it comes to the sturdiness of the build.

Orient gets things right inside-out, so it no surprise that the Eco Smart packs in an Ultra Diamond Glassline tank. It can handle pressure up to 8 bar, making this unit safe for use in high-rise buildings. The manufacturer shoots down any of your doubt regarding the tank’s reliability with a 7-year warranty on that component.

The water heater is equipped with multi-function valve to protect the water heater from internal overpressure. The Eco Smart water heater uses anti-corrosion Magnesium rod, which lasts longer than the regular one.


There’s no fooling around with geyser installation. The appliance has to handle superhot water at high pressure. Needless to say, the installation must be done properly. You can register a request for installation by calling Orient’s (Toll-Free) number 1800 103-7574.

Features And Performance

The Eco Smart is a storage type heater. It requires you to leave it on for a while before it could provide you with hot water. Depending on the storage capacity you opt for, the tank recovery time will vary. In simple words, it is the time required by the geyser to heat a tankful of water. The water heater comes with an external thermostat.

The Eco Smart is smart enough to auto cut-off the heating process in case you forget to turn off the heater. This effectively prevents dry-heating. Thanks to its efficiency in heating, the Eco Smart has received a 5-star rating from India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). For those unaware, a higher number represents better efficiency in BEE ratings.


Water heaters easily last for many years. It is not something that you have to upgrade annually. Besides, you never know how your household is going to grow over next 5 to 10 years. Hence, it makes sense to go for a high-end model. The Orient Eco Smart line-up starts with a 15-litre storage tank model priced at Rs 8,490. A notch higher sits the 25-litre model that costs Rs 9,480. There’s another variant with 35-litre storage tank capacity, which can be bought for Rs 11,990. Last but not the least, the massive 50-litre model bears a Rs 13,990 price tag. Considering the excellent design, robust build quality, and safety features, the Eco Smart offers a great value for money. The Eco Smart water heater can be bought from Orient’s online store. The company offers a 2-year comprehensive warranty on this product.