Orient Aura Plus Water heater: Classy looks and Steaming Hot Water

Orient Aura Plus Water heater: Classy looks and Steaming Hot Water

Orient Aura Plus Water heater: Classy looks and Steaming Hot Water

by November 16, 2017

Design and Build
Most Indian brands believe in big and bulky design, but Orient is an exception. The company has opted for an elegant look. It has a simple design, which is executed with impressive attention to detail. It is not your run-of-the-mill geyser, where design is an afterthought. Orient has clearly invested a lot of time and money into designing this water heater.

The branding is subtle, which is quite a rare thing among domestic brands. The water heater comes in a white colour with a classy grey outline. This is a much-needed break from terrible colour combinations we are used to seeing on water heaters. And trust me it goes well with modern bathroom aesthetics.

The company has aced it in terms of build quality too. The sculpted ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic has gentle curves. The body of the water heater feels sturdy. It shows no signs of flex even when you apply pressure. ABS is a perfect material for the outer body, as it has higher heat tolerance. And unlike metal, it will never surprise you with a nasty electric shock.

The domestic brand has used metal at all the right places. The heating tank is made of quality stainless steel. Orient is quite confident of its strength and offers a whopping 5-year warranty on the tank. It can withstand water pressure as high as 8 bar. Such water pressure is common in high rise apartments. In these conditions, regular water heaters tend to develop water leakage issue, which is the last thing you would wish for an appliance with a lot of electric components.

Setup and Installation
You can call on Orient’s toll-free number 1800 103-7574 and request for installation. The company executives usually show-up in next 48 hours. And don’t worry, they do call before turning up at your house. Just for the record, this particular model must be installed vertically.

Features and Performance
The Aura Plus is targeted at budget conscious buyers. There’s no prize for guessing that it is an ‘Instant’ type geyser. It heats-up the water on the fly. The Aura Plus does not store the hot water like conventional geysers. Aura Plus is ideal for small families, small bathrooms, office pantres, kitchens and other areas where you need hot water instantly.

Using it is quite straightforward. Just turn on the Aura Plus, and you get a steady stream of hot water instantly. The geyser heats-up water fast-enough for a shower. The 1-litre variant should be fine for an individual’s hot water requirements. But, if you are a family of two or need more hot water, I would recommend the 3-litre model.

Sometimes you forget to turn-off the geyser. This not only wastes electricity but can also lead to an accident caused by the dry heating of the geyser. Thankfully though, you don’t have to worry about that with the Orient Aura Plus. The built-in thermal cut-off feature detects the rising temperature and shuts off heating on its own.

The Orient Aura Plus base model with 1-litre capacity costs Rs 3,890. It is good enough for a couple or small family. Anything more than that, you should consider paying slightly more for the upgrade. The 3-litre capacity model is priced at Rs 4,990. Sure, you can get cheaper water heaters from other domestic brands, but if you consider build quality and safety, Orient has an upper hand. A pleasant design is another plus for the Aura Plus. Also, let us not forget the comprehensive 2-year warranty that comes with every Orient water heater.