Orient Aeroquiet Review: The Silent Killer

Orient Aeroquiet Review: The Silent Killer

Orient Aeroquiet Review: The Silent Killer

by February 24, 2017
Orient Aeroquiet Fan review

A premium ceiling fan can add a lot of character to your living room or bedroom. Nowadays, ceiling fans are much more than just motorised blades that provide the function of air circulation. Fans with cutting edge technology and premium designs have made their way into the market and have found many takers. Buyers now want something new that adds to their living room dynamics and interior design. One such premium ceiling fan is the latest Orient Aeroquiet model, the first in Orient’s series of noiseless ceiling fans. Read on to find out whether this fan is worthy of your swanky living room.

Technical Specifications

Orient aeroquiet best aero dynamic design

Main highlights:

  • Noiseless operation

  • Powerful motor

  • Low power consumption of 62 Watt

  • Commendable air delivery of 240 CMM

  • Wide sweep of 1200 mm length

  • Rust-free blades

As far as design is concerned, the Orient Aeroquiet is quite a looker. The contemporary design makes the ceiling fan look modern and futuristic. The hallmark of a good design is when the seams where the blades are attached to the motor are not visible. And that is the case with the Orient Aeroquiet. The seamless design will make many a head turn, or shall we say, look up to the Gods. The Aeroquiet offers a premium look with its highly glossy finish and the stainless steel decorative rim on the top. The Orient Aeroquiet is available in White, Pearl, Bronze and Copper finishes.

Orient aeroquiet fan

Aerodynamically speaking, the blades are designed in such a way as to permit maximum air thrust. And the air delivery of 240 CMM is proof that the wavy design of the blades is not merely for a show, it has a function. The 3D aerodynamic design makes sure that this premium ceiling fan provides air thrust farther and wider so that it covers a greater area. The rust-free blades are made of high-quality premium materials, thus eliminating the cumbersome flaky peeling that affects most fans after prolonged usage. The fan sweep is 1200 mm, which is sufficiently wide so as to provide air circulation in a wider coverage area.

Quiet and noiseless motors are the newest in electrical fans, and this review would remain incomplete without a mention of Aeroquiet’s most advertised feature – the noiselessness.

Orient aero quiet fan unboxing

According to tests conducted by third-party labs, the Aeroquiet makes about 4 dB less noise than regular fans, which is a notable difference. With all the noise you no doubt endure while you are out, or even in your home from electrical gadgets around, Aeroquiet is an answered prayer to enjoy relaxing moments at home without a pounding headache. So to add to the superior look and functions of Aeroquiet, wishing for a blissful, undisturbed sleep is no longer a far-off dream.

The motor on the Aeroquiet is quite a beast. It’s a heavy motor with double ball bearings which help in providing a buttery smooth and noiseless operation. But efficiency is its second name. It consumes about 62 watts of power, which is about 10 watts lesser than conventional fan motors. This is a remarkable feat since the Aeroquiet motor is quite powerful.

Orient aeroquiet fan review

The Orient Aeroquiet retails for Rs. 4750/-, which is acceptable for a premium, quiet ceiling fan. Orient has done a successful job of implementing a seamless and modernistic design with the latest technology in ceiling fans. The cherry on the cake is the phenomenally efficient power consumption as well as the quiet operation. The Orient Aeroquiet a great blend of quality, performance and smart looks. Orient has also left no stones unturned as far as innovation is concerned, making sure that the Aeroquiet remains technologically competent for quite a while.