Orient Aerolite – A Fresh Breeze of Aesthetics and Performance

Orient Aerolite – A Fresh Breeze of Aesthetics and Performance

Orient Aerolite – A Fresh Breeze of Aesthetics and Performance

by April 17, 2018

Your home and office deserve a touch of refined taste. Keeping this contemporary demand of young consumers in mind, Orient Electric has come up with Aerolite, a new- age ceiling fan that isn’t just a fan – it is futuristic design in action.

Traditional ceiling fans are well-known for the monotonous and boring design sensibilities. In addition, they have been notorious for noisy operation. These two are the biggest issues for consumers who are looking for something new and subtly unique in their fans.

Orient has got it bang on target with the new Aerolite. The stylish fan seeks to overcome these issues with a power packed product. It doesn’t disappoint in the looks department either. People visiting your home or office are sure to find it difficult to tear their eyes away from a ceiling which has this fan installed.

Durable Performance

The Aerolite is fitted with a strong and sturdy 18-pole motor. This is one of the most reliable fan motors available. Hence, you can rest assured of an enhanced level of performance even at continuously high speeds over a long period of time.

As compared to other fans, you can expect the Aerolite to provide a reliable functionality of air flow, thanks to the long lasting and heavy duty fan motor. The double ball bearing fitted within the fan makes sure that you do not face any issues due to breakdown or faulty performance. Buying the fan will thus prove to be total value for money with its long-term reliable performance.

Stunning looks

The fan offers a premium look with its glossy finish and innovative new design. For the modern day consumer who doesn’t wish to compromise with the aesthetic or functional appeal of household electrical items, the Aerolite can be a worthy addition to their homes or offices.

The high gloss premium finish with PU paint provides a rich appeal to the overall look of the fan. The 100% rust-free blade is coated with glass filled ABS. Its premium finish is heightened by the presence of a handy LED light in warm white tone.

Super silent, super effective

With a 240 CMM air delivery and a 1200mm air sweep, the fan offers a blend of cool and comfortable. After a hard day’s work outside, sitting under the super silent fan is sure to refresh you instantly.

The aerodynamic design of the fan balances out the high pressure / low pressure difference on both surfaces of the blade. This results in lower vibration on the blade and a noise-free operation even at high speeds.

The fan is available in two radiant shades – white and caramel brown. It comes with a motor, 3 blades, fitting materials, and a remote control. The remote can be used to increase or decrease fan speed. It can also be used to turn on the LED light or turn it off. There is also a timer function present on the remote control.

Orient has taken steps to ensure the widest outreach for Aerolite. As a result, in addition to physical stores, the fan is also available on the brand website.