Orient Aerocool: A High-Performance Fan That Looks Uber Cool

Orient Aerocool: A High-Performance Fan That Looks Uber Cool

Orient Aerocool: A High-Performance Fan That Looks Uber Cool

by February 19, 2018

Have you ever felt that your old ceiling fan does not go well with your home’s modern interior? If your answer is yes, it is time to check out Orient ceiling fans that don’t treat the aesthetics as an afterthought. In fact, the domestic company’s Aerocool fan promises to deliver high performance with a dash of style. Priced at Rs 5290, it is said to a perfect fit for your contemporary home interior. While most companies are simply trying to make the ceiling fans cheap, Orient is trying to make it better. Let us see what more it has got to offer.

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The Orient Aerocool is a well-designed product that looks cool. But, there’s more to it than just a fancy design. Each cut, curve, and line on this ceiling fan is aerodynamically designed for optimum performance. Right from the mounting bracket to the tip of the blades, the design looks streamlined. The seams are barely noticeable on the product.

Ceiling fans are notorious for their annoying noise. After the snoring spouses, this is a major reason that denies you a sound sleep at night. To address this issue, the Aerocool fan takes inspiration from aerofoil design and winglet technology used in aircrafts. Aviation giant Boing introduced winglets on its planes in the 1980s. These vertical extensions at the wing-tip help reduce the whirlwind around the aircraft wings.

A ceiling fan too encounters a pressure difference above and below its blades. This gives rise to a vortex, which leads to vibration on the blade. The vibrations result in an unpleasant noise. Orient’s winglet design directs the air flow from high pressure zone Below the blade to low pressure zone away from the blade. This brings down the air pressure difference above and below the blades. As a result, the fan barely makes a noise.

Orient has fitted the Aerocool with a robust 18-pole motor that lasts long. All three blades are made of high-grade compounded glass-filled ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is a light material with high heat tolerance. You can’t even bend it easily like a metal. Due to its such amazing qualities, compounded ABS is mostly used in automobile industry. You are getting the same quality high strength material in Orient’s fan. So, you don’t have to worry about its build quality at all.

The Aerocool has a high gloss premium PU (polyurethane) paint finish. This finish not only looks good but is easy to clean too. As we all know, the smooth surface also gets rid of the air resistance. The Aerocool spins at up to 300 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). It has a sweep area of 1320 mm, which is more than enough for a standard room size in India. The fan’s air delivery rate is 300 cmm which is quite impressive. This depends on air velocity and area covered by the fan. Higher thrust increases air delivery. Aerocool achieves a better thrust with its aerodynamic design. Our only grip with this product is that Orient missed out on the opportunity to take the convenience to a next level by adding a remote-control functionality.

As mentioned earlier, the Orient Aerocool is not an entry-level fan. It is targeted at those who care about the quality and performance. With its unique aerodynamic design and powerful motor, it provides best performance in its class. You can soon buy the Orient Aerocool from ecommerce websites. Soon after that, the product will be made available in local electric stores across India via Orient’s offline distribution network. The fan comes with 2-year warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. For queries and assistant, you can reach Orient on 18001037574.