Powerfully Beautiful Phone Launched – OnePlus X

Powerfully Beautiful Phone Launched – OnePlus X

Powerfully Beautiful Phone Launched – OnePlus X

by October 30, 2015

oneplus x features

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The festive season is just around the corner and the goodie news is already coming in thick and fast from all sides as the tech companies are either announcing or launching their new phones in the market. Let’s face it, Diwali, is one of the biggest festivals in India not just in terms of the grand celebrations that take place in every household but also it is that time of the year when people spend on their shopping extravaganza. It is natural that these phone makers launch their new phones during this time so as to get maximum sales. The One Plus is one such company that has been smart to capitalize on the spending season of the Indian consumers and has announced the launch of its new Flagship phone, which is also the 3rd Smartphone, the OnePlus X. This phone is meant to be an affordable phone and priced lower than the previous two models, OnePlus One and OnePlus 2.

Unlike the previous two launches, this time around OnePlus has decided to launch not one but two variants simultaneously, OnePlus X Onyx (Priced at Rs. 16,999) and limited edition OnePlus X Ceramic (Priced at Rs. 22,999). However, one thing remains common about these phones is that they would be available only through the much criticized invite system and it will go on sale at Amazon India. As per the company’s website, the Onyx variant is slated to release on November 5th and the Ceramic Variant will be released a bit later on November 24th. OnePlus has specified on its website that the company has made only 10,000 units of the ceramic variant and it will made available globally. So if you want to get your hands on it, start early and register for the invite right away.

No matter, if you get an invite or not, it would still be worthy knowing what these two new phone hold in store for you, in terms of hardware specs, design, build and other features. Read on to find out…


one plus x

One of the hallmarks of a good phone is its strikingly beautiful design and build that instantly grabs your eyeball with its fluid, instinctive and effortless good looks. The phone is the mirage of fine aesthetics and premium material. Although, ceramic design has been attempted before, none of the phones have been able to master the art like this one. It has taken the phone craftsmanship to a new level.


one plus x display

Find the most vivid colors and even the deepest black at their glorious best all conjured up on your OnePlus X screen that makes using the phone a delightful experience. The phone also boasts of an improved sunlight view ability and faster response time that would leave you in awe of the beautiful display every time you use the phone.


one plus x camera

The OnePlus X camera has the most advanced sensors and is equipped with blazing fast autofocus feature that is sure to your supreme quality pictures that would give DSLRs a tough run for its money. The 13MP rear camera gives you unmatched depth and perception and brings every color to life. The 8MP front camera with f/2.4 aperture ensures that you get a flawless selfie every time.


oneplus x connectivity

With an OnePlus X you have the passport to roam anywhere around the world and have the freedom to use any SIM card. With the growing popularity of 4G, the phone has the capacity to support dual SIM cards with 4G speeds right out of the box.

Operating System

oneplus x os

The best thing about using OnePlus phone is that it comes with a refreshing change other than the old and boring Android and iOS UI. Both OnePlus Onyx and OnePlus Ceramic is powered by Oxygen OS based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop that is light and refreshingly fresh in terms of look and feel.

one plus x oxygen os

You can operate certain functions of the phone with simple hand gesture even without the need to unlock the phone. Best of all, you simply have to double tap the OnePlus X and it will quickly come to life. OnePlus X is specially designed to play by the users rules; you can customize the functions of the button as you like and build a tailor-made smartphone.


oneplus x specs

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The phone is powered by 2.3 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and is coupled with 3GB LPDDR3 RAM. Just like the OnePlus 2, the new phones too have Alert Slider hardware and capacitive keys. The 2525mAh non removable battery ensure that your phone keep running for a long time.

With such amazing features, you would surely be missing out on something awesome if you don’t register for the invite. We hope you have already registered yourself and hope that you get your invite soon!