by June 15, 2016
cyanogen 13.1

With iOS getting an update, Windows Smartphones receiving the latest iteration, and Google coming up with mouth-watering Marshmallows on its devices, how could Cyanogen be left behind? The Android based OS, Cyanogen, released its latest version, 13.1, to its OnePlus One  users this week. Yes, the Android 6 based Cyanogen has long been available to users, but that one simple point after the decimal brings with it a whole new ‘post- app era’.

With Cyanogen 13.1, your OnePlus One device is now ‘MOD Ready’. This essentially means that now you can modify your apps and interface in ways that makes it more convenient to access. Cyanogen 13.1 brings with it a set of Microsoft Mods and some other mods that are sure to add to the whole smartphone experience. Read on to find out what exactly is in store for you as soon as you install v.13.1.


skype dialler cyanogen os

Primary Windows Phone users are well aware of the Skype integration that comes with their Lumia handset. With Cyanogen 13.1, OnePlus One users will have an even better Skype call integration with their phone dialler. With the mod, your Skype contacts and call history is displayed within the usual Phone app. You can make a Skype call from the dialler, switch to a Skype video call, and even buy Skype credits right from the app! No more switching between the primary Skype app and the Phone app. The next time you hear your little niece laughing in the background while you Skype call your sister, you can just as easily switch to the video call mode and see the little one crooning!


one note cyanogen 13.1

Know that handy note-taking app from Windows? It becomes even handier with the new Cyanogen update. It is assimilated into your email and Phone app so that you can take notes while on the phone or even copy & paste important emails for future sharing or reference.


cyanogens 13.1 cortana

Cortana had come to Cyanogen a long time ago, but the new update makes Cortana smarter. You can add Cortana to your lock screen and ask her to set reminders, search for your favourite restaurant, etc. without unlocking your smartphone. That’s not it; for all selfie lovers, you can simply ask Cortana to ‘click a selfie’ and she’ll click the perfect one for you! A limitation though- this mod is available only for the US users for now.


hyperlapse cyanogen 13.1

Now you make your own action film with dramatic chase sequences captured in slow motion. Incorporated within the Camera app, the user can set the speed before & after they’ve taken the video. Furthermore, you can edit videos speed on existing videos. Let the fun begin, right?


twitter tells new cyanogen

The microblogging app can be on your Lock Screen now and show you the trending tweets as well as news from the website. Simply wake up your device, swipe left, and voila! You have the full-fledged Twitter page right on the screen!

Check out the image below to know how to add your preferred Mod.

cyanogen 13.1 twitter

Image source: cyngn.com