OnePlus 6 Hands-on Review: The Most Impressive OnePlus and The Best Android Value for the Money

OnePlus 6 Hands-on Review: The Most Impressive OnePlus and The Best Android Value for the Money

OnePlus 6 Hands-on Review: The Most Impressive OnePlus and The Best Android Value for the Money

by May 29, 2018

iPhone X had created a buzz when it was launched by Apple in 2017. A phone worth almost a lakh of rupees does deserve the hype and so does the phone that can give iPhone X a run for its money at almost half the price (or maybe even less than that). Yes, we strongly feel that OnePlus 6 has it in it to combat the latest flagships from Apple and Samsung that are twice its price. Read our hands-on review of OnePlus 6 to find out why!

OnePlus 6 Hands-on Review

Almost everything about the OnePlus’ latest flagship was known before its official release, thanks to official teasers and unofficial rumors that were doing the rounds on the World Wide Web prior to the launch. Unlike the flagships of most other smartphone brands, the OnePlus 6 is a major upgrade over its predecessor in terms of design as well as specifications. The only two things that didn’t make it to the latest flagship as per the speculated features are- wireless charging and IP67 water proofing. Otherwise everything else is just as predicted.

The Good

  • Premium Glass Design
  • Bright and Vibrant Display
  • High class Performance
  • Fast and Fluid Software
  • Intuitive Gestures
  • Flagship Worthy Camera
  • Super-Fast Charging
  • Attractive Pricing

The Bad

  • No Wireless Charging
  • Lacks IP67 Certification
  • Average Battery Life

OnePlus 6 Design:

With OnePlus 6, the company has managed to strike a balance between keeping the heritage and bringing in something new. The device isn’t as sleek as its rivals, but the phone still gives a premium feeling in-hand, thanks to the shift from metal to an all-glass body and notched screen. As mentioned by the company during the launch, it doesn’t just put the glass back and colorize it, but each glass goes through a 40-step polishing process in order to achieve the ceramic-like finish. Some of you might find it a bit slippery as compared to its predecessor but you need not worry much as the phone comes with Gorilla Glass 5 protection on top which can withstand a few blows here and there.

The phone comes in three color options- Midnight Black, Mirror Black and special edition Silk White with textured white back paired with subtle gold accents which will go on sale later on. The Mirror Black is glossy (perfect for a makeshift mirror) and looks a lot like a shiny piece of ceramic. But it captures a few fingerprint marks and smudges, so if you hate those marks then go for Midnight Black or Silk White which have a matte finish.

The biggest aesthetic changes in OnePlus 6 are on the rear where it hosts vertically stacked dual rear camera which has been shifted from top left corner (as in OnePlus 5) to the center. The fingerprint sensor is also redesigned and placed just beneath the camera setup. The volume rocker is placed on left along with dual-SIM tray whereas the alert slider is moved from left to the right, just above the power button. Thankfully, the 3.5mm headphone jack is retained, so you are saved from the hassles of carrying an extra accessory- the adapter.

Company has given a skip to wireless charging and it did give an explanation for the same during the launch event. According to OnePlus, the wireless charging cannot match the speed of company’s proprietary Dash Charge (we agree, a day’s power in half an hour!) and thus it doesn’t feel the need of adding the same to its flagship as yet. The exclusion of USB Power Delivery standard is a bit unfair as we have to reply on OnePlus’s specific cables/AC adapters and buy extra ones for car or office which can benefit the company but not the users.

Another feature that was speculated but didn’t make it to OnePlus 6 is IP67 water proofing. However, the phone does provide improved water-resistance as compared to its predecessors, which means it can sustain the accidental water splashes in daily use (don’t submerge it in the pool or washing machine!). Looks like OnePlus decided to add the feature late in the phase and had to skip the IP67 certification in order to launch the phone as per schedule. Another theory is that company has managed to keep the price under check by skipping the wireless charging and water proofing.

In terms of dimensions, the phone measures 155.7 x 75.4 x 7.75 mm and weighs about 177 grams.

OnePlus 6 Display:

OnePlus 6 has many highlights at the given price and one of those is its stunning display. Despite having the same footprint as its predecessor, the OnePlus 6 still manages to squeeze in the largest and brightest OnePlus display till date i.e. 6.28-inch with 19.9:9 aspect ratio, thanks to the slim bezels and the controversial notch which is smaller than iPhone X and can be hidden from the phone’s display settings. The good part is that OnePlus owned up to the feature and publicized it instead of playing it down. The display is an FHD+ Optic AMOLED with 2,280 x 1,080 pixel resolution and pixel density of 402ppi. While the display is lower in configuration as compared to some of its rivals, it still offers a great viewing experience due to the brightness level, striking colors and great viewing angles. This stands true even when the phone is used in direct sunlight.

OnePlus 6 Hands-on Review

OnePlus 6 OS and Performance:

The OnePlus devices are known for power-packed performance and the OnePlus 6 is no different. The latest flagship is powered by Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 845 coupled with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB/256GB of onboard storage, depending on the variant. The device is backed by a 3300mAh battery with several power-saving settings to make it last long. It didn’t die during our continuous testing throughout the day. So, the battery is better as compared to its predecessors, thanks to the phone’s processor efficiencies and software improvements. However, it doesn’t mean that the battery life is great. It’s good as compared to most Android flagships available in the market, but still average as compared to its arch rivals.

It runs Android 8.1 Oreo topped with the latest version of OxygenOS which is clean and simple without any unnecessary animations in order to keep the phone as fast as possible. The device hasn’t shown any lag in our testing irrespective of whatever we’ve thrown at it so far. The OS brings a new version of OnePlus’ Gaming Mode and improved camera features.

One of the key highlights is the inclusion of improved and iPhone X-like gestures for speedy navigation. Gesture-based controls are the future, and OnePlus has done a wise thing to include the same an alternative to the traditional three-button bar in its latest flagship. Swipe up from bottom to go to home screen, swipe up and hold to see recent apps and a swipe up from either side to go to the previous screen. If you want to take screenshots, then swipe three fingers on the screen and tap on the rectangular icon that appears below the screenshot. Simply continues to scroll down further to take an expanded screenshot. In our view, the gestures are very addictive and one of our favorite features of the device. OnePlus 6 is one of the few eligible devices to receive the Android P public beta update and it will be interesting to see what OnePlus 6 does with its gestures then.

OnePlus 6 Security Features:

Having a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone will soon become a passé. The next in thing in security is the Face Unlock via front camera. The OnePlus 6 has both fingerprint sensor as well as Face Unlock which can unlock the phone in less than a second. But as we know, the 2D technology-based Face Unlock cannot beat the Apple’s Face ID based on 3D technology in terms of security. The selfie snapper also features bokeh-effect Portrait Mode that works without the need for a secondary lens.

OnePlus 6 Camera:

The OnePlus devices are known for their flagship worthy camera and OnePlus 6 lives up to the expectations. The rear hosts a vertically stacked dual camera setup comprising of 16-megapixel Sony IMX 519 sensor with f/1.7 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization (thanks to the new position of the camera) and a 20-megapixel Sony IMX 376K sensor with f/1.7 aperture.

OnePlus 6 Hands-on Review

The phone can record minute-long slow-motion clips at 480 frames per second as compared to the industry-standard of 0.2s, thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset. The front features a 16-megapixel shooter for selfies and video calls. The images shot contain fine details with great color reproduction. The Portrait mode works smoothly by focusing the subject and blurring the background perfectly.

OnePlus 6 Price in India:

The OnePlus 6 comes in three memory variant options,

  1. 34,999 for 6GB RAM + 64GB Storage
  2. 39,999 for 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage
  3. 44,999 for 8GB RAM + 256 GB Storage Marvel Avengers Limited Edition

OnePlus 6 Key Specifications:

Display 6.28-inch FHD+ Optic AMOLED with 19.9:9 aspect ratio

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 845


Storage 64GB/128GB/256GB

OS Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOS

Rear Camera Dual Setup (16MP with f/1.7 and 20MP with f/1.7)

Front Camera 16MP with f/2.0

Battery Size 3,300mAh

So, should you buy it? Definitely yes!

In a highly competitive smartphone market, OnePlus has managed to carve a niche for itself by creating its own budget-flagship segment. It manages to succeed by offering a phone consisting 80 percent of flagship features at just about 50 percent of the price. Simply put, it’s a flagship killer.

OnePlus 6 is a good marriage of high-end hardware with attractive design. And the pricing is icing on the cake. It is by far the best Android phone of 2018 and is extremely affordable than its higher-end rivals (iPhone X included).

If you’re after a pure numbers game, then we give OnePlus 6 an impressive 4.5 out of 5…Go for it!