by December 14, 2015
oneplus 3 leaks


Thankfully enough, one does not need an invite to know the supposed specifications of this highly popular smartphone series! Creating tsunamis rather than waves ever since its launch in April 2014, the OnePlus series will reportedly be seeing the light of day in 2016. If you are one of those tech-savvy, need-to-know-everything-about-upcoming-smartphones people, then you may wish to read on to find out what the leaks have to say about the upcoming OnePlus 3.

oneplus 3 rumours


According to the leaked render of the OnePlus 3, the smartphone will see some key changes in design. The leaked images suggest that the upcoming smartphone may sport brushed metal back instead of the iconic sandstone-esque panels. However, it may seem unlikely that OnePlus will go ahead with the metal back seeing how the signature sandstone design has been so well-liked by the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 users. If the brand feels that the OnePlus 3 can also come with a choice for body like the OnePlus X, then maybe the brushed black panel may work.

oneplus 3 specs


Surprisingly (or, not) the fingerprint scanner seems to have been eliminated from the design, perhaps making way for another security feature like iris scanning. Shouldn’t make much of a difference though… finger, eye… we DO have both of them! Also, an iris scan is way cooler than the conventional fingerprint scanning!

Coming back to the leaks, the future OnePlus smartphone will incorporate a front facing speaker turning the smartphone into a mean sound machine like the HTC smartphones of the past few years. The leaks show two colour versions; however, the façade on one of them resembles a mirror, which seems highly unlikely as a design.

oneplus 3 speculation


Coming to what will drive the killer flagship; the leaks suggest that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset will be the processor of choice, unlike most of the powerful smartphones that will be launched next year. Sticking to its promise of providing the best, the upcoming OnePlus will continue to support 1080p display resolution. We would have liked the QHD resolution, but seeing how that might increase the costs a bit, it is understandable why OnePlus will continue with the lesser resolution.

oneplus 3 rumoured specs


One report suggests that the OnePlus 3 will be priced at about $329, and release sometime in mid-2016. Since we are about half a year away from the supposed launch, it may be safe to assume that the smartphone will see some changes in every aspect of its being, depending on the competition, the demands of the consumers, and the expertise of its own designers.

The Shenzhen-based start-up company may not have been in the playing field for as many years as the bigger players, but it certainly has managed to gain fans that put the brand on a pedestal. If you wish to join that bandwagon, you may want to give the company’s OnePlus Two or the OnePlus X models a look, and see for yourself why they are so popular!