by June 8, 2016
oneplus 3 launch in india


Often, the genesis of a company, the story of its struggles, the idea behind the products is what makes the brand intriguing. Pete Lou, founder & CEO of OnePlus, had in an interview, for the brand’s campaigning, revealed the reason behind the name of the brand- ‘One’ stands for the current products in the market, and the ‘Plus’ stands for his company wanting to make something better. There, that’s how one of the best smartphone makers in the world got its name.

Now, let’s get to why the multimillion dollar company is making the news, yet again. OnePlus will soon launch its latest flagship, OnePlus 3 , in quite an unconventional way.

get in the loop

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The Chinese smartphone maker will have an out-of-the-world (yes, you read that right) launch of its most ambitious product till date, and you will get to see it! Before you start getting your space suits out, let us tell you that the outer space launch will happen via The Loop, OnePlus’ Virtual Reality headset! If you have been one of the few thousand lucky ones who got their hands on The Loop VR headset on Amazon, then you can catch the live streaming of the launch event on June 14!

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Anyway, let’s now focus on the star- One Plus 3. Leaked reports say that it will be the killer of all flagships, courtesy its brilliant specifications, design, and pricing.

Boasting of a 5.5” full HD screen that will ensure that you remain glued to your phone even more than usual, the OnePlus 3 will be equipped with the immensely powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset that will make multitasking seem like a piece of cake. The classic OnePlus design of Sandstone finally gets upgraded to a full metal body design that is sure to appeal to all the aesthetically inclined buyers.

oneplus snapdragon 820


The OnePlus 3 reportedly comes with a 16MP primary camera and an 8MP secondary camera. Buyers will have the option of choosing from 6 variants, depending on their RAM and internal memory requirements. OnePlus 3 will come in 2 RAM variants- 4GB and a massive 6GB. For internal memory, the options are 32GB, 64GB, and the popular 128GB variant. We can already hear the teeth of other smartphone makers of the same pricing category chattering! Yes, for a price of about INR 25, 000, we think that OnePlus won’t allow the buyer to settle for anything less!

We have discussed the VR launch, the story behind the name of the brand…time to get to the no-invite part! Known for its quite annoying by-invitation-only sale system, OnePlus has decided to do away with it this time around.

Oneplus 3 pop up event

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Even better, OnePlus is bringing back the ‘pop-up’ store concept back! Post the VR launch, OnePlus will be visiting 7 megacities- New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. This will help potential buyers to get their hands on the actual device, understand why it is so spectacular, and then buy one on the spot at the ‘pop-up’ store!

So get your VR headset on, and check out the teaser below of what the launch will look like!