Oculus Unveils Its Budget Virtual Reality Headset

by October 13, 2017

The concept of virtual reality has been explored by a lot of brands. However, Oculus has been one of the first few companies to get it right. It showed the world how VR can make gaming more immersive. Soon, it was bought over by Facebook and the new goal was to bring this technology accessible to the masses. It seems that is going to happen very soon, as the company showcased its first consumer version of VR Oculus Go. Expected to ship early next year, it will be priced at $199 (approx Rs 13,000).

The headset uses breathable fabric and lightweight. Unlike the Samsung Gear VR, which relies on a smartphone for screen and processing power, the Oculus Go is entirely self-contained. It has its own processor, screen, and speakers. The company has not revealed detailed specs of the VR headset. it claims that it uses high-resolution fast-switch LCD screens. The new optics offer a wide field of view with reduced glare. Much like Microsoft’s Hololens headset, the Oculus Go comes with spatial audio tech.